Saturday, 8 March 2014

Fake Currency Trade by Muslims in Maldah Ravaging Bengal

Bangladesh Emerging as a Cause of Concern for India :

Trade of fake notes is rampant in Maldah at the moment; success of police to have fake notes worth Rs. 11 lakh (1 lakh = 100,000)  owing to nightlong investigations (on December 11 and 12, 2012) in Vaishnabnagar and Kaliachak in the district and arrest of four Muslims in this context have revealed the dirty secrets predominating this bordering district of Bengal for decades.
Maldah happens to be a stronghold for illegal Muslim infiltrators from Bangladesh to India for decades and trade of fake Indian currency helps them to ensure their safety in India immensely – the dirty secret.
It is to be noted, Suraj Jamal Sheikh, one of the kingpins in this trade, along with a few of his accomplices was arrested by local police a few days back leading to a great sensation in the whole district. And his arrest ensured police that fake notes are entering India from across the border and spreading to the rest of country after that. Top senior police officials (on condition of anonymity) stated that the foremost aim of this endeavor is to destabilize the whole country economically and radical Muslim groups in Pakistan, Bangladesh and India are playing nefarious roles in this context.     
As per both BSF and police sources, Muslim traders are using Vaishnabnagar and Kaliachak in India-Bangladesh border area as transit points. Police, while arresting Suraj Jamal Sheikh and Marful Sheikh, recovered fake notes worth Rs. 2 lakhs.
On Tuesday (December 11, 2012, at night), police arrested Iman Sheikh with fake notes Rs. 2 lakhs from Shovapur Pardenapur in Vaishnabnagar.
On Wednesday (December 12, 2012, at night), police (of P.S. Vaishnabnagar and Englishbazar) arrested 3 Muslims with fake notes worth Rs. 9 lakh. As per police sources, police nabbed two Islamists on the fateful night from Shukpara, Kumbhira, P.S. Vaishnabnagar, India-Bangladesh border area and got fake notes worth Rs. 6 lakhs from them. Both culprits (Majibar Sheikh and Ruhal Sheikh) were riding a motorbike (without any number) then; each of 600 notes found from them was worth Rs. 1000. Majibar and Ruhal live in Mohabbatpur, Kaliachak. Initial investigations of police reveal, they were going to deliver the amount from Bangladesh to any other state in India.
On the same night (December 12, 2012), police force (P.S. Englishbazar) arrested a Muslim youth, named Nawab Sharif, resident of Vaishnabnagar, from Rathbari More – fake notes worth Rs. 3 lakhs were seized from him. 
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