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Trinamool Congress MLA asks workers to prevent people from voting for other parties

Trinamool Congress MLA from Labhpur in Birbhum district of West Bengal, Manirul Islam, on19th April,2014, called upon party workers to prevent people from voting for other parties."Don't worry. You will not allow a single person on polling date to vote for other parties," Islam said at a public meeting at Sainthia.

"Don't allow one person on that day to vote for CPI(M), Congress or BJP," Islam said.

"I hope you will make this promise and shoulder responsibility to fulfil the same," he added.

The remark follows a recent controversial comment by party leader Anubrata Mondal about the opposition.

This is called Bengal Poribortan Democracy? Isn't it?

TMC MP Satabdi Roy's assets treble, surpass Rs 4 crore.

TMC MP Satabdi Roy's assets treble, surpass Rs 4 crore

The assets of Trinamool Congress parliamentarian and Bengali film actress Satabdi Roy - recontesting from the Birbhum Lok Sabha seat - have registered a sharp increase and nearly trebled to over a whopping Rs 4 crore.
According to her affidavit, the actress-turned-politician's assets are valued at Rs 4,25,47,727 from the Rs 1,31,23,000 she possessed during the 2009 polls.
In 2009, her moveable assets were valued at Rs 52,23,000, which included Rs 50,000 in cash and Rs 40,04,000 as bank deposits.
TMC MP Satabdi Roy's assets treble, surpass Rs 4 crore
The value of her moveable assets currently stand at Rs 1,30,47,727 which includes Rs 20,230 in cash while her bank deposits have swelled to Rs 54,13,100.
Her moveable assets also include 350 gram of gold jewellery approximately valued at Rs 10,15,000. In 2009, she possessed 260 gram of jewellery valued approximately at Rs 4,10,000.
Roy currently possesses three motor vehicles, including an SUV purchased in 2010. While she spent Rs 19,32,980 in buying them, their current market value stands at Rs 9,52,028.
The value of her immoveable assets comprising three residential flats stood at Rs 79,00,000 in 2009.
But currently, her immoveable assets which are all self-acquired, are valued at Rs 2,95,00,000, which includes a 6,000 square feet building which she acquired in 2012 for Rs 1,56,65,659.
Roy has incurred development cost of Rs 21,50,000 to the newly acquired asset in Kalikapur Road in the city and its current market value is Rs 2 crore.
While she paid income tax of Rs.2,02,321 in 2008-09, her total income shown in the IT return in 2012-13 is Rs 57,33,030.
Her liabilities in form of loans from bank and other financial institutions which stood at Rs 3,24,000 have now increased to Rs 54,66,209.
Interestingly, according to her affidavit in 2009, Roy's husband, Mrigank Banerjee, a marketing executive had just Rs 25,000 in moveable properties.
But as per the latest affidavit filed Thursday, he owns movable assets worth Rs 1,24,14,346.
While the 2009 affidavit shows Banerjee had just Rs 20,000 as bank deposits, currently the deposits have swelled to Rs 21,09,228 including a fixed deposit of Rs 13,47,169.
Roy, who attended the Jogamaya Devi College under Calcutta University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, has never been accused of any offence.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

We will avenge each and every attack on BJP workers, Varun Gandhi warns Mamata

The Bharatiya Janata Party Monday cautioned West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee against attacking workers of the BJP, a party "which brought her back from political oblivion".

Speaking at a party convention here, BJP national general secretary Varun Gandhi accused Banerjee, "who got national prominence after becoming a minister in the NDA government", of organising attacks on BJP workers and supporters.

"She must not forget that she was made a minister in the NDA government which gave her prominence. I would urge Mamataji to shun arrogance and not to attack our workers. I also warn her that if the attacks continue, we will avenge each and every attack," he said.

Gandhi was referring to Banerjee's tenure as railways minister in the National Democratic Alliance (NDA) government after Atal Bihari Vajpayee was sworn in as prime minister for the third time on Oct 13, 1999.

Banerjee then had recently created her Trinamool Congress after breaking away from the Congress.

Known for making provocative speeches, Gandhi also accused the Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) of organising attacks on BJP workers in Kerala, Tripura and West Bengal, claiming that over 100 of its workers and supporters were killed in the last few years.

Asserting that his party had a major role in the "reconstruction of Bengal", Gandhi - in charge of overseeing the party's organisation in the state - urged workers to pursue the developmental agenda.

"Simply attacking the Trinamool or the CPI-M won't get us votes. We need to adopt a developmental agenda and work towards strengthening the party here.

"In the last general elections, we were strong here in at least 15 seats. We need to increase that number. We must make our rivals realise that they cannot underestimate BJP," added Gandhi.

Hindu trader’s murder stuns Falta, South 24 Paraganas

Kartik Chandra Metia Even a TMC supporter and Hindu businessman is being brutally murdered by the Islamic goons in West Bengal for his inclination to Hindu organisations and declining donations to Islamic hoards. Mr. Kartik Chandra Methia (43 yrs), a successful Hindu businessman and a well acclaimed supporter of Local TMC (Trinamul Congress, the ruling party of West Bengal) was shot dead from point blank range and chopped with swords to ensure his death by suspected Islamic perpetrators in the late evening of March 29, 2014. The gory killing of Mr Methia took place inside the confectionery ‘Rwitika Sweets’ located at Jagannathpur junction of Sahararhat Market on Falta road within the jurisdiction of Falta PS in the district of South 24 Paraganas in southern West Bengal. It was known that a team of six or seven miscreants riding motorbikes entered the confectionery shops in two groups one after another. They also ordered some sweets and curds (yogurts)  to consume. But, all on a sudden they attacked Mr Methia with gun-shot and started chopping with swords repeatedly to be sanguine of the murder.  The suspected perpetrators came from a Muslim majority village named Sonakopa in close proximity, as reported by the local witnesses.  The ghastly incident took place in front of  the workers of the confectionery and a few customers present in the nearby shops. They were too afraid and startled to raise any alarm even and to thwart any such approach, a few bombs were also hurled for the success of the well planned operation. Three sharpened weapons were also recovered from the spot. 
The deceased Kartik Chandra Methia was known as a social worker in his locality and had good relations with various social and political organizations. Apart from that he also maintained his faith on various Hindu Organisations like Bharat Sevashran Sangha, Goudiya Mission, Vishwa Hindu Parishad and used to donate various rural Hindu functions and various social welfare activities. He was also the Secretary of  Sahararhat Businessmen’s Association. Mr. Methia was a extraordinary man with profound courage who stood as a stonewall before Islamic expansionism in the locality. It has been known that Mr. Methia opposed an Islamic ‘Jalsa’  in a ground traditionally maintained as ‘Rash Math’ in the locality, where local Muslims reportedly were trying to build a mosque. As the Jamaat-e-Islami supporters were failed to erect any Mosque in the Hindu place of ‘Rash Math’ due to resistance of  local Hindu mass led by Kartik Chandra Methia, the perpetrators were supposed to have a plan to clear the main hurdles for their Islamic goal. Mr Methia has left his widowed wife, three daughters and other members of the bereaved family. 
On the spot Sahararhat 30.03.2014Following the unbelievable murder of Mr. Methia, the entire area was overwhelmed with anguish and anger against the inaction and failure of the local administration to nab the murderers yet.  A large number of protesting people blocked the Falta Main Road, as a mark of their demand to arrest and punish the perpetrators immediately. As a matter of fact two adjacent police stations viz Ramnagar PS and Falta PS  are failed to provide safety and security to the local Hindu residents as allegedly keep relations with Muslim gang leaders connected with various anti social activities including illegal cow trading, arms trading, women trafficking etc. all against Hindus’ interest.  Actually, Hindus have lost all confidence on police officials, especially on Sakir Ali – DSP and two Inspectors-in-Charge of Falta and Rammagar PS. It has been learnt that these two police officers have alleged connections with the local criminals, especially with those from the Muslim majority village of Sonakopa. The Hindu protestors raised slogans against police administration for playing an anti Hindu role, only to favour with the Islamic hooliganism in the area.  Mrs. Moumita Saha, SDO of Diamond Harbour reached the spot  and assured all possible efforts for making immediate arrest and staunch action against the perpetrators.
The mortal body of  deceased Kartik Methia was cremated on Sunday night as per Hindu rituals at Sarswati Burning Ghat at Falta under  police protection when the protesters lifted their agitation after getting the assurance of arrest of the perpetrators within three days by the police agencies.
Hundreds of BJP activists led by Amaresh Mukherjee, Nitish Mondal and Abhijit Das offered floral writhe to the mortal body of Mr Methia and conveyed deep condolence to the bereaved family.
The shopkeepers of Sahararhat kept their shops closed on Sunday as mark of mourning for the untimely death of  their friend in need.
Sri Amaresh  Mukherjee, an educationist and a senior key person of Falta Literature Association narrates the entire matter as a pre-election violence as the public says that the deceased person denied to give any donation to any political party connected with Muslim appeasements. It is heard that Mr Methia had a rough altercation with some Muslims in the last week over the issue of wearing Muslim dress and keeping unusual relations with Muslim leaders by the present CM  of West Bengal, Miss Mamata Banerjee. Those Muslims came to the confectionery shop of  Mr Methia to get donation for an Islamic jalsa. Mr. Methia refused them in a straight way.
Though whole situation is grief stricken, the Hindu wrath can strike hard at any moment if the police and administration are found more callous and impotent. The locales apprehend that some Islamic agencies are distributing both money and arms to strengthen the Islamic environs so that the Hindus can be evicted from their homes and hearths from Falta and Diamond Harbour -II Block. The Hindus of nearby Magrahat – II Block have already become a pity minority and the Hindus of  Blocks like Magrahat – I (Usthi) and Diamond Harbour – I, are fighting hard to retain their slight majority against the Islamic expansionism yet.  The ruling parties in West Bengal have been always extending their favours to the Muslims to gain from Muslim Vote Bank.
As already said, Kartick Chandra Methia was both a successful businessman and popular for this gentility in the environs. He also had god relations with various social organizations and also used to participate in social activities with zeal. He has left three daughters and other members of the grief-stricken family.  Following the murder, the entire area is overwhelmed with anguishes and also anger against the administration’s failure to nab the felons yet. A large number of people blocked off the Falta Main Road, as a mark of protest. Even if police have pledged to take the criminals into custody soon, Hindus in the area have lost confidence on police officials, especially Sakir Ali – DSP and Sudip Singh – Officer-in-Charge. It has been learnt from them, these two police officers have affability to local criminals, especially with those from the village of Sonakopa. The grievance of Hindus is excessively high now and the administration has failed to reduce the tension. The presence of Mrs. Moumita Saha, SDO of Diamond Harbor, has also failed to calm protestors in throngs down.
Blood of Kartik in Rwitika Sweets. Sign of cruelty of the Islamic beasts. Some people have been found to state that the CCTV in the shop of slain Kartick Chandra Methia can be a good weapon to solve the conundrum. However, the administration has not taken this closed-circuit television into consideration up till now. What appalls local police and its high-profile bosses then? Sources assert that the reign of notorious Salim (crime kingpin in the Left Front regime) is in full swing in the present regime still and knowing this all, police has lost the confidence to initiate a positive investigation even. The message, it is being averred by locals time and again, is comprehended by all easily – if the criminal is from the minority community, clemency should be the only way of communication to him.  

And this is nothing unusual now. Only a few days back, Sudip Banerjee, Lok Sabha candidate of Trinamool Congress for North Kolkata constituency, held a rally of minority workers of the party at Mohammed Ali Park in Kolkata amidst well-known Muslim individuals of the state. There, he heralded the entire community as kingmaker of India and hence, he sought kind assistance of these kingmakers for his own victory.

Sahararhat Rally 01.04.2014

Fate of Hindu students sealed in Bengal

Religious polarization in discipline of Engineering also

While diatribes against Hindu communalism, especially before the impending parliamentary election, refuse to die down, Bengal has experienced a new milestone in its journey of polarizing the chronicle of education. The malice of reservation for Muslims in education has entered the segment of Engineering education finally and according to the state government’s latest decision, 50% of seats in the minority community controlled engineering colleges in Bengal will be reserved for minority students from this year. Students will be admitted to those colleges through an examination but not the conventional Joint Entrance Examination. This examination will be conducted by the Association of Minority Professional Academic Institutes or AMPI. The Higher Education Department issued a circular in this context, on March 7.

On the word of officials in the department, the new examination will take place on May 7, 2014 and through this students will be admitted to the discipline of Pharmacy also. What will be the fate of remaining 50% seats? It will be based on results of Joint Entrance Examination held across the state every year. As per the new rules, the number of reserved seats for minority students in the discipline of Engineering is a little more than a 1, 000.  It has also been learnt, Muslim students will get priority in Muslim community controlled engineering colleges and the same rule will be followed regarding other minority institutes. In case, reserved seats remain vacant in any institute, students of other religious communities will be considered.  And if there is any vacancy still, general students will be accepted.

Is this possible? As per the circular, admission through the minority entrance examination has got to be completed before the initiation of Joint Entrance Examination’s counseling. Following it, the number of vacant seats will be sent to the JEE Board by each minority engineering college and then the reserved seats will be converted into the general category. JEE Board will admit students in those general seats through counseling. When the JEE was asked that such a procedure violates the saga of secularism as prevalent in India, it answered briskly that no such reservations for students of minority religious community students is possible within the framework of JEE. This proposal, if JEE is to be believed, was given by AMPI. And since this proposal abides by Article 30 in the Constitution of India or regarding the Right of minorities to establish and administer educational institutions, state government of Bengal gave its consent.  An advisory board headed by Mr. Pradipta Roy, retired Justice, has also been formed to retain transparency in every aspect.  

Is there is any need of this? Well, a member of AMPI has termed it as need of the hour. In accordance with researches, there are five engineering colleges administered by the minority communities in the state and while four of them do belong to Sikhs, one belongs to the Christians. But this simple theory has been dissented by many already. They do opine that the entire process and enabling Sikh and Christian engineering colleges to work on autonomously is a mere tokenism and it is to camouflage the vicious schemes of Islamists to flood the state with their own educational institutions.

It is known to all that the West Bengal Backward Classes (other than SC and ST) (Reservation of Vacancies in Services and Posts) Bill, 2012 has benefited Muslims in the state highly. Mamata Banejee, while attending Eid-ul-Fitr at Red Road in 2013 stated publicly, “We want your children to become doctors and engineers. We want Muslim children and youth to advance in studies. Reservation of seats in higher education will be introduced from 2014.”



On 24 March,2014, serious incident happened in the village Sonakania Dorjipara under Habra Police Station in North 24 Parganas district in West Bengal. 2nd officer of Habra PS Mr. Prafulla Kumar Shaw has been seriously injured by brick batting of miscreants led by one Rafikul Mondal alias Bhola, Mafidul Mondal and Ismail. Another seriously injured person is Sri Gopesh Ghosh, President of ‘Naam Yajno Samity’. He is now under treatment in Barasat Sadar Hospital.
Yesterday ‘Naam-Sankirtan’ was going on in the village. At about 11.30 am, just beside the Sankirtan place, one Muslim vendor started selling Beef which he was carrying in a bucket on his cycle. The devotees took notice of it and they informed the matter to the committee of the programme. Then the President, Sri Gopesh Ghosh went to the Beef-vendor and requested him to stop this act and leave the venue with beef. But the vendor declined and the Muslims started argument with Sri Gopesh Ghosh and other committee members. The argument quickly converted into confrontation. In that clash, the miscreants attacked Sri Gopesh Ghosh. In this attack, Sri Ghosh’s head has been fractured and he got serious injury on his back. Some other Hindus including Raju Ghosh, Tanmay Sur were also injured. Police was duly informed. Police force led by 2nd Officer of Habra PS came to the spot and tried to resist the miscreants. In result the police force came under severe attack by the miscreants. Police car was attacked. The 2nd Officer Mr. Prafulla Kumar Shaw’s head was fractured. Some other police personnel too got injury.
Yesterday was last day of 4-day dharmik anusthan. As Prasad, about 1000 people’s meals were prepared. The program was disturbed. It could not be concluded as per schedule, and all food were spoiled.
Habra Police registered a case against 16 miscreants, but not arrested anyone of them.
Today, the influential TMC leader of district and state cabinet minister Sri Jyotipriya Mallick visited the area. Just after that visit, that miscreant Rafikul Monadal again started threatening the local Hindus and terrorising them. He was abusing the Hindu women with filthy language when those women went to the spot to collect the utensils used yesterday to cook the meals. Hindus are panicked. This evening a delegation of 15 Hindus led by Committee member Sri Dilip Biswas went to Habra Police station to lodge complain against this threatening by Rafikul and other miscreants. But police declined to lodge any complaint. The Inspector in Charge Mr. Mainak Banerjee verbally assured the aggrieved Hindus and told them to report to him if any further attack happens.  

Sheikh Maibul arrested for raping girl child in Bardhaman

Ravishment of women and also female children refuse to die down in Bengal and without doubt, the more parliamentary election is drawing close, the more rapes of women are becoming common in the state. It seems that the administration is busy in any festivity while political parties are engaged in settling their own scores and also pulling in more support through rosy promises. And all these are being said following the rape of Sandhya (name changed), a girl child of 8 years, living in the village of Natu within Raina police station’s jurisdiction in the district of Bardhaman.  On March 23, she was raped by Sheikh Maibul, living in the village of Chakkhanzadi within the jurisdiction of Jamalpur police station. Sheikh Maibul, it has also been found, is a debauchee by nature and revels by harassing girls, especially Hindu girls, sexually.

Sheikh Maibul is a frequent visitor to the village of Natu. His father-in-law, as per locals, lives in this village and his agricultural lands are looked after by Maibul. On the fateful day (March 23) he was in the lands when little Sandhya was playing with her friends. After 6 pm in the evening all her friends departed but she continued to play with a friend. Mailbul, at that time, was returning from the cucumber plantation and tempted both Sandhya and her friend by saying that he would give them fresh cucumbers. After rendering the two children cucumbers, he asked Sandhya’s friend to go away. Sandhya also started to get away but Maibul allured her of more cucumbers. After that he took Sandhya away to the farmland and raped her there. Sandhya, as a result, got unconscious and Sheikh Maibul retuned to his village of Chakkhanzadi.

When Sandhya did not return as usual, her worried parents, relatives along with neighbors went to every corner of the village in search of her. Soon, they found out an unconscious Sandhya in the farmland and after gaining consciousness, she narrated the brutal incident in detail. She was admitted to the Bardhaman Medical College Hospital without delay and on the same night, Sandhya’s father filed an official complaint to the Raina police station against Maibul. Police registered a case under sections of rape and sexual abuses of children against Sheikh Maibul and took him into custody. Police had gone to the hospital and took statement Sandhya also. Her medical reports have also been adopted.  

Sheikh Maibul was put up to the Bardhaman Court on March 24 and Chief Judicial Magistrate sent him to the police custody for six days. Police has also pleaded with the Hon’ble Court for medical examination of both victim and rapist. The development has led to a furor in the village and its environs terrifying parents of the security of their wards, especially girls, in these trying times. While on the one hand, people, cutting across religious barriers, have been found to censure the incident severely, they are also reprimanding the role of local police. As per them, rapes and sexual abuses of children are increasing fast in Bardhaman like the rest of the state but police is yet to intensify its vigil and maintain a strict law and order, enough to affright law offenders.

An unfamiliar story – worse than Love Jihad

While political confrontations with soaring violence are getting widespread through the length and breadth of Bengal, the chronicle of Love Jihad has entered another phase with a novel strategy. Gone are the days when a Hindu girl was allured and snatched by a Muslim youth furtively under a Hindu anonym; nowadays these sinister developments are taking place overtly, by bullying the Hindu family in public. This approach came forth on March 21 in Howrah when Sarmistha Sarkar (age 16 yrs), student of Class VIII in Dharsha Prahlad Das Girls’ School at Dharsha Kajipara in Howrah, was abducted by Becha Mallik, age 45 and a Muslim Black Magician by profession. Sarmistha is the daughter of Swapan Sarkar and Lakshmi Sarkar, living in Satashi Uttarpara, GIP Colony within the jurisdiction of Jagachia police station in Howrah district.

Prior to narrating anymore, let’s focus on Becha Mallik. According to locals there, Becha is both infamous for profligacy and molesting Hindu girls in the area. And only a couple of years back, Manashi, another Hindu girl, committed suicide thanks to him. However, a few natives maintain that Manashi was virtually poisoned to death. Now, on the fateful day of March 21, while going to school Sarmistha was snaffled by Becha, learnt to have a mesmeric influence on her, and taken somewhere, yet to be ascertained. Meanwhile, her father, Swapan, learnt from a few students including Sarmistha’s best friend that she didn’t turn up in the school. The worried couple awaited her return till 8 pm, but finding no other option, they decided to proceed to the police station of Jagacha. A formal complaint was filed at 9.30 pm (General Diary No.: 1331 dated 21.03.2014) by Sarmistha’s mother Lakshmi Sarkar against Becha Mallik. Police proved to be congenial to the distressed family and escorted them to the residence. Binodananda Banerjee (alias Biltu), local Trinamool Congress councilor, was also approached, but he was found to be reluctant to the incident and the hazardous fate of the adolescent girl, Sarmistha.

It has also come to knowledge; the abduction is not the first portrayal of Becha’s lust for Sarmistha. Since Becha is known as a Muslim Tantrik in the area, the wretched Sarkar family asked him four months back to relieve their third child, a boy of 8 years, from recurrent pains at the back. At that time, Becha captivated Sarmistha and pledging to better her life thru marriage, he took away her ration card and clothes. The revelation came as a brutal shock to the Sarkar family and when her mother, Lakshmi Sarkar, reached Becha’s residence seeking her daughter’s clothes and ration card, she was beaten hollow by almost all of Mallik family. Again, Becha’s complicity in the episode of March 21 was conveyed by Sheikh Iqbal, an amiable neighbor to the Sarkar family and according to sources, Rakhi, who serves daily meals to Becha Mallik, communicated Sheikh Iqbal of the same.

According to Sarmistha’s parents, she was abducted forcibly, and since she was panic-stricken Sarmistha failed to raise an alarm.

The story fails to end here as Becha Mallik phoned Lakshmi Sarkar on March 25 at 7.30 pm and abused her for filing complaint to police against him. Sarmistha Sarkar has created a new chapter of Love Jihad depicting how a sane Hindu girl can be coerced by an Islamist. Her horrified family today came to Hindu Samhati office and approached its President Tapan Ghosh to help them to recover their minor aged beloved daughter.

Muslims attack against Hindus in Chakdaha, Nadia

The village of Madanpur within the jurisdiction of police station of Chakdaha in the district of Nadia remains witness to a deliberate, vicious attack against Hindus by Islamists and apprehensions that the situation may worsen more are on the rise. If sources are to be believed, while radical Muslim youths are gearing up for a new onslaught, patience and trust of aggrieved Hindus on administration thanks to persecution are on the verge of collapse. Even if the local police have pledged to adopt strictest measures to take the criminals into custody, local Hindus have already termed it as hollow and also unreliable. It has also been learnt, local political parties are siding for Islamists to retain their own minority vote bank. The attack against Hindus emanated from a mere controversy in the local fair on March 26.

Gourangapur More (crossway) in the village of Madanpur comprises a mixed population and has been witnessing clashes between Hindus and Muslims. However, its intensity has soared in the last few years and now it seems that a mere excuse is enough to incite Islamists to assail Hindus. The village, at the moment, is having a fair on Holi or the spring festival of colors and as a result, lots of makeshift stalls have also come up. Similar to any other rural fairs, gambling is also going on there. On March 26, a few Muslim youths were also involved in this nasty game of gambling in a shop. But, gradually, they lost all stakes and in the end, the shop owner asked them to pay the money. What irked locals there was that the youths refused to pay any money and instead threatened the shop owner to return them more. The defiance enraged locals as well as the owner. But to retain law and order, he asked youths again to pay. When they denied flatly, a verbal spat, as usual, took place and it changed to a hand-to-hand conflict soon. Without doubt, both sides thrashed each other and the Muslim youths living in Gourangapur Kaltalapara went back. All witnessing the clash had heaved a sigh of relief, as a result.

But contrary to their expectations, the same gang of Muslim youths returned with more Islamists at 9.30 pm and a complete hell was let loose. The gang, almost instantaneously, made a dastardly attack on the gambling center. Once it was made flat with the ground, they charged at the other shops owned by Hindus. In a little while, tea shop owned by Bappa Das was crushed and others were simply wrecked. Even Bappa’s aged and ailing mother was also targeted; she, along with Bablu Das, was beaten hollow. Hindu women and children were not spared as well; women ran hither and thither in search of shelter from zealots while their innocent children had to bear slaps and kicks. The gang was having lethal weapons as well and those were used to beat Bablu Das, Bappa Das and his ailing mother.      

To take stock of the situation, police turned up an hour later but the criminals had fled by then. Hindus burst into protest demanding stringent actions against the culprits. Local political parties are tight-lipped over the whole incident but Debasis Biswas, president of Kalyani block for Trinamool Congress was found to advocate criminals and calm agitating Hindus down. But his entire approach backfired; he was beaten by local Hindus in a rage. No criminal has been arrested yet; tension refuses to diminish in the area.