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                  TERRORIST COMMUNITY


The ethnic clash between Bodos and Bangladeshi Muslims had all India repercussions. To show solidarity with their fellow Muslims in Assam, Muslims protested all over India in various forms, not all of which were peaceful. Some Muslims allegedly threatened North-Eastern diaspora working and studying in Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bombay, Pune, Kerala and elsewhere.
The innocent North-Eastern tribals (often referred to as "chinkis" in the mainland India) had to took the brunt as they share the same Mongoloid facial structure as Bodos. Afraid of being at the receiving end of Muslims' ire, the North-Easterners (including Assamese) left the cities in drove which resulted into the biggest mass exodus in India after the partition of 1947.According to NDTV, two Muslims were killed in early July, followed by two more killings on 19 July.
The police failed to identify the killers.[4] On 20 July, four former Bodo Liberation Tigers men were killed in Kokrajhar. Certain news sources also trace the violence to the death of the two student leaders of the All Bodoland Minority Students’ Union and the All Assam Minority Students’ Union in Kokrajhar on 4 July 2012.


The hell of Islamic Jihad is sprawling all over India to simply burn out the Hindu Kafirs here. And unfortunately Hindus are voluntarily jumping to that Islamic hell of fire in an utmost embarrassment.In the row of so called protest over the killings and riots against Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar and the illegal Bangladeshi Muslims in Kokrajhar, Assam, their Indian Counterpart waged a jahadi war against the State and public in general. By the by, these Rohingya Muslims are also the illegal Muslim population migrated from Bangladesh and have established a huge settlement of 4500 Rohingyas in the capital city of India,Delhi.As per available information, 50,000 illegal BD Muslims have been efficiently disappeared from the North Bengal bus stops, railway stations, markets, urban and rural areas and obviously from the refugee camps for Kokrajhar victims (?), so warmly maintained by the West Bengal Govt and ruling TMC party as well. As per record these migrant BD Muslims are the head ache for the State administration from United Kingdom to United States. While the Bangladesh Govt. is negating the entry of Rohingyas in  BD, the Muslim leaders in India have lost their sound sleep in these matters.The Indian Muslims are crying and retaliating for the illegal Myanmar and Kokrajhar Muslims. Ferocious Muslim leaders are raising a hue and cry in the state assemblies and Indian parliament for the rehabilitation of these illegal intruders as a new contingent of Islam to fight against the Indian Nation to break it up with fresh formation new Pakistans.

The anti national Muslims of Ranchi attacked the unwarranted Indian public all on a sudden to the Myanmar Muslim issue on Friday, 10th August; the Muslims of  Mumbai plan fully gathered in Friday’s weekly prayer at Azad Maidan to protest the violence in Assam, while the Raza Academy also convened a protest meeting on Saturday (11/08/2012) to retaliate over Rohingya killings at Myanmar.
Sources disclosed that Raza Academy members were stunned to see the crowd swelling from their expected 1,000-odd number to over 50,000. Though police ascertains only a 12-15 thousand mob did all these holy Islamic activities against the State and its people. Mainly Kashmir, Assam and Myanmar Muslims were in the main agenda to provoke Jihad in the Muslim psyche to dismantle the total Police and Administration in Mumbai city.
The agitation was supported by other organisations like Sunni Jamaitul Ulma and Jamate Raza-e-Mustafa. Awami Vikas Party (AVP), a political outfit floated by former police officer Shamsher Khan Pathan, also took part in the protest.
As per reports Maulana Gulam Abdul Kadri (U.P) was main Culprit for Mumbai menace on 11/8 Mumbai riots, whose inflammatory speech changed the situation so virulent.  When Maulana Gulam Abdul Kadri was giving a provocative speech, a mob of around 3,000 became agitated and came out of the Azad Maidan with banners, flags and bamboos in their hands and raised slogans. They were joined by a group of 1,000 young men who came out of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station. They raised slogans, used abusive language, and soon turned violent despite the police’s appeals for peace, the report stated. It is believed that the mob too wanted to join the protest.
Senior police officials said they were in the process of ascertaining if any provocative speech was made from the dais that instigated the mob. Official sources said 17 speakers were on the dais during the protest. Only five had finished their speeches. When the fifth speaker — Maulana Kadri — was giving a provocative speech, he was allegedly stopped by a policeman. The speeches made by Maulana Niyamat Noori, Guddu Bhaiyya, Maulana Akhtar Ali, Maulana Amanullah Barkati and Maulana Gulam Abdul Kadri are under the police scanner. The police said that if their speeches were found to be provocative, they would be arrested and booked under Section 153(a) of the Indian Penal Code. According to the report, the rioters allegedly molested women constables on duty, snatched two Self-Loading Rifles and one service revolver, 160 live rounds of cartridges, including 150 rounds of SLR and 10 rounds of service revolver. They also desecrated the ‘Amar Jawan’ memorial at CST and tried to burn down police vans with policemen in them. “It was sheer luck that we were able to rescue the policemen from the vans. The mob had locked them in and was not allowing them to come out,” a senior police officer told. Unofficially, it has been ascertained that 50,000 Muslims of Mumbai were participated and helped the rioters  in various ways.

The police arrested 23 people in connection with Saturday’s violence at the Azad Maidan rally that left two people dead and many injured.
All have been booked for rioting, murder and attempt to murder, molestation of women constables and damaging public property and media’s OB Vans etc. Media personnel were also put in a severe attacks.
All the 23 rioters so far arrested by Mumbai Police are devout Muslims and fanatic  Jihadis, some of them exploited and  vandalised the iconic Amar Jawan Jyoti memorial near CST.
Now Mumbai police, having drawn flak for its massive failure to contain the riots on Saturday, is now going on an overdrive to nab the miscreants.According to reports, the entire force and its network is hot on the heels of these unidentified protestors, who kicked at the memorial, smashed it with a lathi, and then damaged the rifle and helmet inside the fibre glass casing.
Mumbai might have been organised at the behest of elements linked to All India United Democratic Front. AIDUF chief and perfume baron Badruddin Ajmal, who represents the Dhubri Lok Sabha constituency, has been demanding dissolution of the Bodo Territorial Council, saying that its structure was skewed against non-Bodos (or Bengali-speaking Muslims) who formed the majority. Ajmal is said to have wide business interests in Mumbai. However, Ajmal has denied any AIUDF link to the violence in Mumbai. In these days Badruddin Ajmal of AIUDF and Asaduddin Owaisi, MP of Hyderabad and Leader of AIMIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) are going hand to hand to polarize Muslim vote bank and communalize the Indian Politics as Muslim League’s strategy as before.

Curfew in four areas in Bareilly,  UP. 
In a very shrewd manner, the Muslims of India are now crying purposely for victim of Assam or Myanmar Muslims only to rouse a crude communal feelings in Muslims society so that the major portion of them can start a direct action against Hindus of their prime localities.
In this connection the riot situations have been plotted in Ranchi (Jharkhand) and Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) also. The frenzy Muslim Mob directly attacked vehicles, shops and public life in Albert Ekka Chowk in Ranchi on Friday (10-08-2012) in the matter of Myanmar and Assam Muslims. But, in Bareilly the Jihadi Muslims foiled with Hindus over a Janmastami (Birth day of Lord Krishna)  procession on (11-08-20112) and the Muslims speakers started provocation with the reference of Myanmar and Assam incidents
Understanding these unholy design of Muslim provocateurs, we have to ugly and subversive strength behind it. Apparently the Indian Muslims are crying for Muslim brethren in Myanmar or Assam, but they are fighting the Islamic flag atop the Parliament or President’s House in India.

We have only one demand. We want a Muslim India.
In the demands of higher Muslim reservation in every sphere by notorious Azam Khan, the Uttar Pradesh Minister of Minority Welfare Deptt., or the demand of dissolution of Bodo Council in Assam by Badaruddin Azmal , or restrictions imposed on Ramnavami in Hyderabad by Akbaruddin Owaisi, the local MLA of the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen,or demanding a Muslim Chief minister in West Bengal by Nazrul Islam, an IPS Officer in concurrent service, or the deadly lust for the killing of a law consultant Pallavi Purakayastha by a Muslim night-watchman (actually Kashmiri) to fulfill a Love Jihad, or a huge coordination between all the Muslim NGOs and the Religious groups to form an alternative political power in India to conquer  the Indian scenario, have a certain unison for the simulation of Pan Islamism in India.
This making of Dar-ul-Islam in India cannot be completed with bloody Jihad. So the streets and corners of Mumbai, Korajhar, Bareilly or Ranchi are bound to see the repetition of bloodshed and social crisis with every possible ares in India.

Still then why Hindus are sleeping all along?    

1. Our imposed secularism in Indian constitution always caring for the 2nd largest population of India, i.e. Muslims. But, what kind of treatments are given to the 2nd largest population of Pakistan and Bangladesh, i.e. Hindus there? Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh are leaving their soil after a sever Islamic persecution as a well-known factor now a days.
But the same persecuting Muslim people demand a prospective Pakistan once again. Now reservation, next new home land for Muslims like the demand of Pakistan as earlier. The Muslims strength about 3.75 crore now reached 18.75 crores. Just 5 times growth in 65 years. It can never be possible in any discriminating situation like the minorities in separated parts of India.
Muslims are flourishing enough in India within minimum reservation and maximum appeasement.
2. Again Muslims of India does not believe in Indian constitution and Vande Mataram unanimously. They believe and put high the Sharia above the Indian Constitution. So, their claims of constitutional reservation for job, education, politics, grants, subsidies, trades etc. are ultra vires.
3. This ancient land of Bharatvarsa was divided in Bharat – Pakistan on the basis of Two Nation Theory, very unfortunately in 1947. Higher majority of Muslims of then India voted Muslim League to perpetuate the Two Nation Theory. The claimed even exchange of population. They denied stay in an Undivided Nation with the Hindu Kaffirs. This is the reality of History so far ignored. MUSLIMS GOT THEIR PAKISTAN. THIS BHARAT IS OBVIOUSLY MEANT FOR HINDUS. Muslims have no right to stay in India. How the Muslims have got the rights to stay here to raise their cheater’s voice to make a new Pakistan here so openly. STOP MUSLIM RESERVATION MUSLIM RESERVATION IMMEDIATELY.
4. Hindus of Pakistan is now turned a microscopic race there with a meager 1.86% at present. In 1947 Hindus were the 16% of total population of Pakistan. But through an Islamic chain of persecution including killing, looting, molestation, ransom, abduction, hate preaching, forceful marriage and conversion, Hindus have been dying every moment in Pakistan. The Hindu batches coming to India and seeking long-term visa in India tell the truth. This truth relates to Islam which inspire Muslims to convert this whole world into Islam and the seize the live rights of Non Muslims. Statistics may differ, but the truth is virtual. From the beginning Islam captured their land by mitigating the rights of Non Muslims at any cost. Arab was fortified with 100% ethnic cleansing of non-believers. Gradually this Islamic theme was adopted in every Muslim Country for which Non Muslims are not safe in any Muslim Country or in any Muslim majority area. In Islamic Bangladesh the Hindus and Other Non Muslims are facing the same situation. Muslims always target the land, populace, women and money of others as a hard rock reality. The  27% Hindu population of Bangladesh in 1971 came down to 9% today under the same Islamic persecution.
This set examples of insane and brute Islam only demand a ravage retaliation to Islam by paying back them in their own coins.
5. While  offence is the best defense, why Hindus of India do not undertake the ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth’ policy to ensure Hindus’ safety, security and future. Hindus must start retaliation against persecuting Islam everywhere with an ultimate goal of Hindu Rashtra (Hindu State) in India, as one billion Hindus have no Hindu State in this world. The claim, war and establishment of Hindu  Rashtra in Bharat (India) is the ultimate solution of Islamic menace in India.


While Tarun Gogoi may dismiss that the entire state of Assam is not burning and only a few districts are it also goes on to highlight the fact that the three times chief minister (since 2001) of the north eastern state thinks it all right to live in denial. Illegal Immigration of Bangladeshis is a historical problem for Assam and to dismiss the violence as an isolated conflict affecting only a few districts is outright silly. This matter is a cause of much concern and a source of constant strife between the migrants and the majority Assamese communities (Mishings, Rabhas, Tiwas, Boros, Axomiyas, etc). The political clout of the still-in-majority-but-god-knows-for-how-long primarily Hindu tribes is getting diminished by a flood of migrants from the neighboring country who are mostly Muslims. Some see this as a sinister ISI-backed design by anti-India forces to destabilize the insurgency hit North Eastern part of the country while still others as a grand plan of Bangladesh and Pakistan to Islamize India (Greater Bangladesh or greater Pakistan as they call it). Indigenous Muslims in Assam thus feel isolated in such conflicts because it is almost always impossible to distinguish between a genuine Bengali Muslim from India and one who has come from across the border. It is quite another thing that though the Urban class from Assam is quite vocal about illegal migration nothing much has transpired on ground. The trials and tribulations of Assam Agitation are still fresh in the minds of many but Assam continues to see an upsurge in its population of the Muslim Bengali and this has been a cause of much cultural and socio-economic conflict in this part of the country, where resources are limited for the teeming millions.

Location of Kokrajhar in Assam source: www.mapsofindia.com
I will not get into further historical anecdotes but the IMDT Act, 1983 which was struck down by honorable Supreme Court of India in 2005 virtually ensured that Bangladeshis who illegally entered India after 25th March, 1971 stay put in Assam and further consolidate their hold in the state. A window opening of more than two decades where the onus was on the accuser to prove that the accused was not from the country is more than a state could afford. I often think why was the Foreigner’s Act, 1946 amended to make it more immigration friendly when the Assam Agitation’s main purpose was to piggy bank on the discord between the indigenous and non-indigenous Assamese an push the illegal entrants out of the state? Perhaps a mutual understanding of sorts! First the Hiteshwar Saikia government in tandem with Indira Gandhi framed the IMDT Act in 1983 in wake of the Nellie Massacre (February, 1983) and two years down the line, in 1985, a lollipop was served which saw Asom Gana Parishad, led by Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, coming to power in Assam. It is Nehruvian to frame laws for short-term benefits discounting national interest and the Illegal Migrants (Determination by Tribunal) Act was no exception.
In the above historical context, it has become clear that Assam has reached the stage that no political party can dream to come to power without the help of the Bangladeshis and thus everyone continues to have a casual approach to this matter. Whether INC, AIUDF or the politically reduced AGP, all need the minorities to win seats. While some are emotionally attached to the Bangladeshis for cultural affinities others might not be but ultimately it puts a question on the fight between limited resources between Assamese and the Bangladeshis. The Bodoland riots are a reflection of that angst, unaddressed by the Central and State government in the way it is required. There is absolutely no urgency felt by the incumbents at Dispur or at New Delhi to make illegal immigration a deterrence in Assam. Fencing of the border, albeit a slow and difficult task, empowering and managing the BSF and making stringent laws to curb down on infiltration are genuine demands by the citizenry of Assam concerned about their future and that of the state. Amidst this is the chasm shared by indigenous Muslims of Assam. They often bear the brunt of being either sympathetic towards their brethren from the other side of the border or plain confused or merely angry. So far the government continues to be indifferent to the plight of Assamese Hindu tribes this problem will hardly cool down.
Coming to July, 2012, the riots in Kokrajhar and neighboring districts of Assam which have so far left at least 53 people dead, 11 missing and almost 4 lakh displaced, is just a marker of the times to come. Tension was building up in Kokrajhar right from the first week of July when unidentified gunmen shot and killed two Muslims (leaders of All Bodoland Minority Students’ Union and the All Assam Minority Students’ Union) on 4th July at Magurmari which was followed by retaliatory killing of four former Bodoland Liberation Tigers (BLT) members on 19th July at Joypur. That resulted in an array of killing and counter killings that soon engulfed most of Kokrajhar, Chirang and Dhubri. Lakhs of Bodos and Muslims were displaced without medical or ration facilities. Trains entering or moving out of North East were badly hit causing much inconvenience to the public at large while the center and the state government decided to wait and watch and slept over it for almost 4 days. A chronology of events wants answers to many baffling questions including the indifference of the Indian state over loss of lives and precautionary methodologies adopted in advance.
4th July: Two minority student union leaders killed in Magurmari by unidentified gunmen
19th July: Four former BLT members killed at Joypur by armed Muslims in retaliation
23rd July: PM Manmohan Singh instructs CM Tarun Gogoi to do whatever it takes to restore peace
24th July: Stone pelting at Guwahati bound Rajdhani Express by miscreants at Srirampur railway station
24th July: Centre deploys paramilitary forces and 13 columns of the Indian Army
24th July: Amidst continuing violence, shoot-at-sight orders issued in Kokrajhar
25th July: Indian Army conducts flag marches
26th July: Shoot-at-sight order extended to an indefinite period in Kokrajhar and night-curfews imposed in Chirang and Dhubri districts
26th July: CM Tarun Gogoi finally visits Kokrajhar after a delay of so many days (which raises important question over the reason for such laxity) and announced Rs 6 lakh as compensation to the closest kin of those who were dead and assured that people who were rendered homeless or displaced would be provided new houses at government expenses. He also assured that peace would soon return to the violence-affected areas. Besides the clich├ęs nothing concrete came out and we perfectly understand why
28th July: PM Manmohan Singh visits Kokrajhar and said he was closely working with the state government to provide a sense of security to all affected areas and to ensure that they can go back to their houses in the knowledge that their lives and livelihood are secure. Singh said Rs 2 lakh would be given to the next of kin of those who died and Rs 50,000 to the injured. He announced Rs 100 crore for relief and rehabilitation of the affected people in the six affected districts, Rs 100 crore as Special Plan assistance for development programmes in the affected areas and another Rs 100 crore under the Indira Awaas Yojana. Rs 30,000 each would be given to those whose houses were completely damaged, Rs 20,000 under the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund to those whose houses were partially damaged. The prime minister ordered an inquiry committee to be set up to look into the violence and directed the state government to provide security to the affected people so that they can go back home. Much like the CM of Assam, Manmohan’s visit was high on political rhetoric and less on substance. If money could buy peace then the world would have been a much peaceful place but sadly it doesn’t
28th July: Tarun Gogoi said that the late arrival of central forces, including the Army, led to the spread of clashes in the State. So the buck stops nowhere when it comes to taking responsibilities

A map of Dhubri with the red dots showing the area where Brahmaputra enters Bangladesh and which is one of the major areas from where illegal infiltration happens and often in country boats
source: www.mapsofindia.com
It is quite clear from the above that the response from the State and the Centre has been awfully late and merely in announcing cash discounts to the affected most of whom will have to undergo bureaucratic hassles as and when peace gets restored which is not the solution to this problem. Not once did, either the PM or the CM, touch upon the issue of illegal immigration and the tensions thereof. A fact finding team from BJP, led by Vijay Goel, did touch upon the issue but the party hardly has a voice in the state. It said, “Timely action could have been taken, but the State government failed to assess and control the situation because of its vote-bank politics.” It also pointed that Illegal migration was at the heart of the problem, as the Assam government neither bothered to prepare the National Register of Citizens nor identified the illegal migrants, especially Muslims from Bangladesh and asked the border with Bangladesh to be sealed.”
Vast stretches of the Assam-Bangladesh border are porous and somewhere it is almost impossible to have fencing, especially where the mighty Brahmaputra cuts into the neighboring state in Dhubri. Constant and closely monitored guarding, adoption of scientific patrolling in the border areas, efficient intelligence gathering, proficient maintenance of the National Register of Citizens are some of the ways by which infiltration can be checked but it requires strong political will which is hard to come by in a state which depends majorly on who the Bangladeshis vote and so far that happens it’s only a matter of time before a similar event erupts and the Assamese society gets further divided on lines of religion and a communal fire engulfs the whole state leaving no room for Mr. Tarun Gogoi to indulge in wordplay.
Meanwhile, media’s role has been hardly surprising. For the first week it tried to suppress the story but in today’s world of an active citizenry on social media it is hard to fool people and hide facts or present them in the desired way to suit political or corporate agendas. Unethical comparisons were made to allegedly larger riots in India as if riots are a commodity requiring attention only when casualties are of a particular scale. (In reality, riots are to be reported when it happens in a particular state.) When it became clear that they can no longer hide it – when casualties kept mounting up, reports began appearing in newspapers from as late as 23rd July, hitting headlines only a day later. Journalists kept inflating the agony of the Muslims while downplaying the issue of illegal infiltration or the Bodo dilemma and suffering. The Hindu kept on harping how Muslims who have been living there for ages (didn’t mention for how long) were targeted. The problems of the Bodos, slowly being driven to a minority status were ignored and they were almost always referred to as “militants.”
Kokrajhar continues to boil and while the media continues to downplay the event and so does the central and state government it is for the aam junta at large to decide the course of their land free from alien encroachment. It must continue pushing its governing bodies for sincerity in identifying genuine Indian citizens and pushing out illegal ones so that the fight for resources is legitimate and doesn’t spiral down to a black hole because as we clearly see the blame will not be put on the responsible parties (the Indian National Congress in this case) but made into a general issue of how all political parties are the same and Indians themselves are apathetic to concerns of the poor Bangladeshis who provide cheap labor ignoring the fact that they indulge in population explosion, demographic change, cultural change, social tensions, land grabbing, arson n crime besides being a threat to national integrity.

a boro boy ,lost all his family members ,now fighting for his life