Monday, 10 March 2014


26 March, 2012; Asansol:Mamata Bannerjee might have come up with warning SMS to discourage the Hindu operatives who are involved in exposing her backside realities, but Asansol News
with its relentless efforts has taken pledge to expose anyone that can harm the society,
be it Mamata or Mohammed Ghajnavi!
This time with our reliable sources inside the Detective department of West Bengal police,
we obtained information that the perpretators of the Katva rape case were not guilty in that
case alone, they were involved in so many regular crimes in the area.
A top cop in the department told on the condition of secrecy of his identity that 2 among
the 4 were wanted for 2 years for a similar rape and kill case.

2 years ago, at night-time an old man
with his daughter arrived at Katwa station
and were heading towards their home.
The dark night were omen for them and
on the fateful night 2 satans with their
hateful lust jumped on the old father
and beaten him to death. The daughter
wanted to weep with his father’s
dead head on her lap but the two
Muslim criminals were not so merciful.
They raped her for the full night. She
wanted to weep in pain, but she had to
scream, of course in pain.
But the helpless girl wasn’t brought to justice. No action was taken on them and they kept on
doing their job unchallengedly.
even during their rape crime the RPF guards were trying to stop them but were beaten instead
by them only. In Mamata’s rule you cant stop muslims conducting crimes.

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