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                                 Mamata Banerjee announces more sops for Muslims

With an eye on next year's panchayat polls, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on 4th April,2012, showered more sops on the Muslim community including new loan schemes, creating an employment bank and promising official stamp on 10,000 madrasas.The announcement comes days after she declared a monthly honorarium and housing subsidy for imams in the state. Outlining schemes undertaken for uplift of Muslims in the state, she said her government had increased allocation for the minorities department by 73 per cent in the state budget for the current financial year. 

"Our aim is to see that our brothers and sisters pursue their studies properly, receive training and get jobs. And those who cannot get jobs, can start businesses by taking loan from the government," Banerjee told a meeting organised by the West Bengal Minority Development and Finance Corporation at Barasat in North 24-Paraganas district.
Noting that a "comprehensive employment bank" would be set up to cater to the growing job needs of the youths belonging to the minority community, she said it would have its network in every district where there would be a system to enrol names.
The chief minister said 'bhavans' will be set up in the districts from where they would get all the assistance required. She also announced loans and stipends to 75,000 students. The panchayat polls, due in May next year, would be regarded as the first trial of strength for the party which took office last year.
The Trinamool Congress has, however, hinted that the panchayat election could be advanced to this winter. She also took credit for bestowing the status of the second official language on Urdu in areas where there was concentration of more than ten per cent people speaking the language.
Mamata, who had earlier announced 'Nija Bhoomi, Nija Griha Scheme' under which the state will provide three kotahs of land and money to build a house to the beneficiary, said that within three years there would be no 'homeless' person in West Bengal.
She also announced that Rs 2 per kg rice would be given for another six months from now on to cyclone Aila victims. She had announced last Tuesday a package for the imams of the state, which include a monthly honorarium of Rs 2,500, a housing scheme and stipends for their children.
Muslims comprise 26 per cent of the electorate of the state.
The shifting of minority votes from the Left Front in favour of the Trinamool Congress is one of the reasons for the electoral reverses suffered by the Left parties in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections in West Bengal as well as in the state Assembly polls which saw the Trinamool Congress score a landslide victory. 

Mamata’s allowance to Imams and Muezzins unconstitutional: Calcutta High Court. A hard slap on Mamata for her minority appeasement policy.

HC Slaps Mamata on Imam and Muezzin Honorarium

Calcutta High Court | 02 Sept 2013:: In a very stringent manner Hon’ble Calcutta High Court today rejected all orders and provisions for all unlawful matters in connection with Imam and Muezzin honorarium, issued by West Bengal Govt, only for appeasement policy of Smt. Mamata Banerjee (Islamically known as Mamtaz Banu Arjee), the one eyed Chief Minister, hungry after Muslim Vote Bank.
A division bench of Justice Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay and Juartisce Murari Prasad Shrivastava gave the ruling while hearing a petition filed by Acharya Yogesh Shastri on behalf of Arya Samaj of Bengal unit [WP No. 9163 (w) of 2012] and other petitions including a public interest litigation (PIL) filed by the state unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party [WP No 358 (W) of 2012].
The Calcutta High Court Monday declared the monthly allowances given to Imams at the rate of Rs 2500/- and muezzins at the rate of Rs 1000/- each by the West Bengal government as unconstitutional.
Actually, the erratic Govt of West Bengal was in mood to spend Rupees Eighty Four Crores every year for such appeasement policy for Muslim clerics ignoring a severe fiscal crisis in state economy.
A division bench of Justice Pranab Kumar Chattopadhyay and Juartisce Murari Prasad Shrivastava gave the ruling while hearing the petitions filed by different ends to oppose discriminatory Imam and Muezzin Bhatta (honorarium) given by West Bengal Govt. coming under a circumstances to appease the Muslim vote bank politics.
“The court declared the allowance as unconstitutional as it is violative of right to equality under Article 14 (of the constitution) and right against discrimination on grounds of religion, under Article 15,” the petitioners’ counsel said.
“The court said the allowance was violative of Article 282, as payments to the Imams and muezzins do not constitute a public purpose as envisaged by the article,” added counsel.
The court, however, has not ordered recovery of the allowances already paid. But, the designated bench ordered earlier to recover the honorarium already paid to the Muslim clerics subject the final decision of the court.
The Mamata Banerjee government April 2012 announced a monthly payment of Rs.2,500 to Imams or the clergy, and followed it up by fixing Rs.1,000 monthly for the muezzins, those who give the call for prayers at the mosques.
Discontent over the government announcement, Arya Samaj and others challenged its legality in Calcutta High Court.
Both the Communist Party of India-Marxist and the Congress welcomed the court’s verdict, saying it has foiled the “state government’s move to discriminate between people on the basis of religion”.
However, a very communal Imam of city’s Tipu Sultan Mosque Maulana Syed Noor Ur Rehman Barkati termed the court’s verdict as “unfortunate”.
“It is an unfortunate verdict. Most of the Imams and muezzins in the state are poor, does the court want them to die of hunger? I believe along with Imams and muezzins, Hindu priests should also be paid the allowances. Their condition too is pitiable,” Barkati told the press.
In retaliation to the statement of Barkati, Acharya Yogesh Shastri, the spokesperson of Bangiya Arya Pratinidhi Sabha and one of the petitioners against Govt. to stop such discriminatory and unlawful honorarium to Muslim, told Hindu Existence that Imam Barkati is a very communal person and he has nothing to say anything about Hindu or Arya priests, whatsoever. He has no regards to Indian constitution or upon the verdict of  Hon’ble Calcutta High Court in various matters including banning cow slaughters in West Bengal. Such persons are putting communal pressures on Mamata Banerjee to extracting undue reservation and facilities for Muslim people and making the environment so communal. Shastri opines that if Barkati wants to register him as an impartial and secular one, he must raise his voice for common civil code and denounce shariah law.
The panel of learned senior counsels and advocates viz. Mr Ashis Sanyal, Mr Saourav Guhathakurata and Mr Arnab Ray for Arya Samaj, Mr Kaushik Chandra for BJP and Mr Chittaranjan Panda for Brahman Samaj, fought gallantly to win this case defeating all hazards like the frequent change of benches and circumstantial hazards.
While Sri Ananda Arya, the President (Pradhan) of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha, Bengal, conveyed his gratitude to all concerned for this historic judgement in its positive end, the ex president and veteran leader of BJP advised Mamata Banerjee to stop his minority appeasement policy.
Sri Deendayal Gupta, the Gen Secretary (Mahamantri) of Arya Pratinidhi Sabha told Hindu Existence that Arya Samaj will fight legally in highest judicial forum, if this order of Hon’ble High Court would face any challenge to curb its spirit of equality and stopping extra administrative activism in the ambit of communal political goal.

Don’t Change Panchayet Election Schedule for month long Ramzan. Religion should not be upper hand in State Affairs.

Supreme Court of India
2nd July 2013: New Delhi:: Describing The Holy Constitution is above all, the Hon’ble Division Bench of Mr A. K. Patnaik  and Mr. Ranjan Gogoi (JJ.) delivered that it’s decisions made on 28th June is final and the scheduled poll terms for West Bengal Panchayet Election will be held in five phases in the Ramzan timings without putting any impediment. In this significant verdict of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India made it clear that the appeasement mentality or the undue pressure groups of fanatics are not important in the eyes of Judiciary, so far. Now, the joint operators of WB State Govt, Ruling TMC Party, Congress and the Fundamental Political Jihadi Groups must learn the limit to foil the Ultimate Judiciary in the name of minority appeasement and  Muslim Vote Bank. Hindu Existence Forum conveys its high regards to the decisions so far made by the Hon’ble apex court o India.  Jai Hind. 
 As the Minority Cell of West Bengal Pradesh Congress Committee and another Muslim Organisation moved today to the Supreme Court of India and subsequently Govt of West Bengal appealed to the Hon’ble CJI, Mr Altamas Kabir to change the schedule of ensuing Panchayet poll falls within the timings of Ramadan, the matter is now pending in the apex court of India. Mr Kabir, Chief Justice of India will hear the matter on Tuesday (2nd July) as reports came in.
Roja and Panchayet Vote in West Bengal

While a Muslim state like Kuwait holds election within Ramzan (29th July), how it is not possible in India’s state West Bengal?

‘Ramzan ahead’: Trinamool govt of WB is going to SC to review panchayet poll dates. Stop Islamic influence in Indian Politics, Administration and Judiciary.

A day after the Supreme Court of India rescheduled the dates of Panchayet Election, 2013 in West Bengal and directed that it be held in five phases from July 11, (11, 15,19, 22 and 25th July)  the ruling Trinamool Congress on Saturday said it was contemplating to appeal in the  Supreme Court to hold the panchayet polls in West Bengal before Ramzan, only to appease the Muslim vote Bank in West Bengal. The fasting (Roja) of Ramzan will start from 10 July according to Islamic calender.
“We abide by the order of the Honourable Supreme Court regarding the five-phase election. But, we are thinking of filing an appeal in the Supreme Court to complete the election process before 10 July when the Ramzan month starts,” party MP and lawyer Kalyan Bandhopadhay and Urban Development minister Firhad Hakim told a press conference.
They said that they had received many representations from the Muslim community conveying that it would cause inconvenience if the elections were held during Ramzan.
As a matter of fact, apprehending the Muslim resentments, the State Govt of West Bengal and ruling party TMC are trying hard to move in Supreme Court on Monday (1 July 2013), if not any hazards come further.
Eight hard core Muslim organisations organised a meeting in the State office of Jamat-e Islami Hind at Lenin Sarani (Dharmatala Street) to make a strategy to dismantle the election schedule with in Ramzan time frame as made by Supreme Court of India for the five phase Gram Panchayet Election in West Bengal.
The aggrieved Muslims have planned to give a deputation to the State Election Commission on Monday with a huge rally starting from Par Circus Seven Point Crossing. Abdul Momin, the  Asstt. Secretary of All Bengal Minority Council told that they had already sent a letter to the President of India to hold the Panchayet Election before or after Ramzan celebration.
A furious Taha Siddique of Furfura Sariff  has given a warning to all concern to stop panchayet election within Ramzan.
Today on Sunday (30 June),  some Muslim organisations holds a rally from Birla Planetarium to register their protest against panchayet election within Ramzan timings.
CPIM leader Razzak Molla, TMC Leader Firhad Hakim, PDCI Leader Siddikullah Chowdhury and other Muslim leaders expressed their anguish that the Muslims will not be able to cast their votes fully if not the schedule of election is not changed.
On the other hand  Rahul Sinha, the state president of BJP says that there is election in Kuwait, a Muslim state on 29th July 2013 as scheduled. While a Muslim state like Kuwait holds election within Ramzan, how it is not possible in India’s state West Bengal?
Actually the commentators of Islamic fanaticism want to establish that West Bengal Panchayet Election during Ramzan is Haram in India. But, Halal in Kuwait! We don’t know how the Hon’ble Chief Justice of India ( Mr Altamas Kabir is a devout Muslim) feels for his fanatic brothers.
Mohammad Kamrujjaman, General Secretary of All Bengal Minority Council opined that they will move to Court if not the polling dates are not changed.


“Yesterday we said to the honourable Supreme Court kindly do not fix up the date during the Ramzan month. With great respect to the Supreme Court we are accepting the order that has been passed regarding the five phases of election. There is no dilly-dally in that matter,” Bandhopadhay said.
He said that that the state had a Muslim population of more than 35 per cent and there were 45,000 to 50,000 candidates belonging to the minority community, who would be inconvenienced if the polls were held during Ramzan.
Asked whether the appeal would be filed by the state government or the Trinamool Congress, Bandhopadhay replied, “We are in the process of thinking. It will be decided.”
Both Banerjee and Hakim, meanwhile, launched an attack on state election commissioner Meera Pandey. “The conspiracy has been hatched by the (state election) commissioner. She is not interested in holding the elections. She is more interested in going to the court. She is partial,” said Banerjee.
But, Smt Meera Pandey, State Election Commissioner told that they did not skipped the matter of polling dates with in Ramzan in the course of arguments in the Supreme Court and the matter was also referred by the state government also. After hearing all sides the apex court rescheduled the polling dates with the deployments of security etc. Now, it is final and mandatory to abide by all concerned. She also mentioned that the Govt offices and Govt proceedings are not kept closed anyway in the time of Ramzan.
             Muslim Organizations hold rally in Kolkata 
against panchayet poll within Ramzan timings. Photo Courtesy: Bartaman.

Now the question is very much evident that how a secular country like Bharat (India) can indulge such a pampering of a single minority community, only to keep vital the Muslim Vote Bank. The other minorities are no one’s children.
Religion is so far segregated by the so called secular parties of India. But, they are trying to give reservation, concession, free hand to the fundamentalist Muslims in many ways. This double faced  activism by the politicians will drag a new political Jihad in India in near future. Mamata Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav, Ajmal Khan, Owaisi brothers and others may be considered the champions of Muslim Supremacy in India, but they are the real destroyers of the Hindu texture of India which is the basic foundation of ‘Indian democracy’ and ‘unity in diversity’. The culpable Islamic supremacy does not contain any democracy or free society in any part of the globe.
If the Panchayet Election in West Bengal, 2013 is rescheduled again by the Supreme Court any further due to any religious ground as demanded by the fanatic Muslims, it will create a new era for a certain Islamic Change of Bharat, say another partition of India as a greatest threat or challenge before us.
Obviously,  we are not opposing any Muslim rituals or practice. But, we should not agree with the Muslim mentality to challenge the majority decision or to surface the bossing of a minority authority over the majority in every foot step. Why the 35% Muslims in West Bengal or 21% Muslims in India are so important than the rest majority Hindus in every yard stick?
Don’t Change Panchayet Election Schedule for month long Ramzan. Religion should not be State Affair. Muslims can be safely follow or practice their religion and ritual by not hampering the state affairs. We should be strict enough to perform our Raj Dharma (State Principals) without any bias and favour to anybody.
Today they are demanding reschedule of the Election dates, tomorrow they will demand the change of all schedules of Indian Constitution and Sanatan Bharatiya (Indian) systems of India in order to establish an Unique Islamic pattern here. Please understand it. Now, Protest or perish.

Say No To Islam


1. The President of Bharat,
Rashtrapati Bhawan, New Delhi.
2. The Prime Minister of Bharat,
Samsad Bhawan, New Delhi.
Perspective: 1. Islam and its Jihad always want to victimize this holy land of Bharat and its people as a historical fact. If, we want to analyse the history, then we find that exploiting this Islamic mentality, British rulers wanted to apply the ‘Divided and Rule Policy’ to control their rule of the throne. In fact, under a filthy conspiracy and under the aegis of Aligarh University Movement, Muslims started to demanded various reservations for them. British pleased to fulfill all those demands in the period of 1923 to 1947, until materializing their final reservation for Pakistan. This is a rock hard reality in the pre Independence fact. But, after the so called Independence in 1947 (pardon! what is meaning of independence to the Hindus in Bharat?), the same process of Muslim appeasement and processing for reservation based upon religion is getting serious momentum in India again.  But the question is:  In such a secular country like India, why this initiative for Muslim reservation?
2. India was divided upon ‘Two Nation Theory’.  Muslims got Pakistan exclusively. Then why India is not a land of Hindus? Why Hindusthan is not a exclusive land for the Hindus?
3.  Hindus in Pakistan are almost finished. (Hindus reduced from 16% to less than 2%). The eastern part of Pakistan, i.e. Bangladesh is now under a fanatic Islamization and Hindus have been reduced to 8% from a high of 23%. On the other hand, Muslim population in India has been boomed from a less than 4 crores in 1947 to a high of 20 crores in 2013 (including illegal infiltrator Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Afghanistan etc.). Compilation of reports from Govt. census and other reports show that there are 19,48,41,141 Muslims in India in 2011. Muslims in India are well protected and they are flourishing in every field. All the prime posts are/were adorned by Muslims. As per Govt. statistics, no Muslim has been died in starvation so far, but all the people died under starvation are Hindus, tribes or non-Muslims. Muslims are well protected under laws of the land, then why a hue and cry for such a Muslim reservation?
4. The role of Muslims in Indian Freedom Movements is always questionable. As the morphine of ‘Divide and Rule Policy’ was injected in the minds of Muslims, they have always betrayed with the Hindus and Struggle of Freedom Movement. The  Muslim settlers in India after 1947, have not changed their mind-set. They are always trying to change the Hindu Majority and Multi-Cultural Identity of India in various modes including establishment of Shariah and Shariah Courts in India, challenging Indian Constitution, slaughtering cows, grabbing Hindu lands, properties and women, opposing Govt.’s Family Planning and Pulse Polio Programmes and even denouncing National Song of India.  When Muslims in India have been contradicting the Nationality of India and its Holy Constitution and National Song, then why this dangerous move to give reservation to the Muslims time and again? This type of reservation will produce another movement for another partition of India.
5. There are so many ethnic and religious groups in India. Then why these crazy creatures like Mamata Banerjee (CM West Bengal), Akhilesh Yadav (CM Uttar Pradesh) only bark for the Muslims in the name of Minority Welfare?  These venomous Islamic supporters in the helm of Talibanic Political Affairs are trying to bite the Indian Constitution and population for their fatal finish. It is no sin to send some sinners for a silent sleep to save the sanctity and sovereignty of Hindus in Bharat. Muslim Reservation in Bharat (India) means the violation of Hindu Rights in India. And Hindus have the rights to stop Muslim Reservation in India at any cost.
  1. Those who don’t to pay obeisance and regards to this holy land and Motherland for every citizen and obviously oppose to accept “Vande Mataram”, the citizenship of such people must be scraped and driven out from this country.
  2. Those who want to challenge Indian Constitution, economics and system by Shariah Law, Islamic Banking or various types of Jihad, must be declared as the enemies of the Country and its people.
  3. As reservation on the basis of religion violates the basic principal of the Constitution and obviously violates the rights to equality and other provisions of Constitution, the attempt of such Reservation on the basis of Religion, must be nullified in a moment.

Stop West Bengal Officials from Promoting Illegal Cow Slaughter, violating Court Judgements & hurting Hindu sentiments.


This is an urgent petition, through the Highest seats of this State of ancient heritage and culture within the real democratic texture and humane tolerance, requesting the Government of West Bengal (Paschim Banga), India to take strong action against the errant Officers-in-Charge of Usthi Police Station, Joynagar Police Station and Falta Police Station (all in South 24 Parganas district), who are Promoting Cow Slaughter (to pander to extremist elements) and are thereby openly violating the Honourable Calcutta High Court’s Judgement (dated 2 Nov 2011 and 13 Oct 2011) and Honourable Indian Supreme Court’s Judgement.The embarrassments are piling up from the news of inaction of Administration and the Police from different districts not to check illegal and rampant cow slaughter to hurt the Hindu sentiments in their prime festive sessions. It is heard that the WB Police is arranging sufficient “BLACK PLASTIC TARPAULIN” to cover up all the illegal cow-slaughters in the respective PS areas.We urge the Honourable Home Secretary Mr. Basudeb Banerjee (IAS) to investigate the atrocities being committed by the aforementioned police officers on those tens of thousands of villagers who refuse to kowtow to their dictatorial, unlawful demands that they support and make arrangements for slaughtering of cows on Bakr Eid (which falls on October 27, 2012 – during Durga Puja festival).We urge the Honourable Home Secretary to ensure 100% enforcement of anti-cow slaughter Judgements of the Honourable Calcutta HC and Supreme Court of India.We also urge the West Bengal Administration to stop the official repression of the state’s ancient and vibrant Durga Puja by revoking the ban on the Divine Mother’s immersion on October 26 and 27, 2012.We would like to respectfully remind the administration that banning the centuries’ old indigenous Bengali tradition of Durga Puja immersion (in order to appease a violent, alien, Arabian creed of Bakr Id) is tantamount to turning Bengal (or what is left of it) into another East Pakistan.The whole issue about “cow slaughter” has two negative social implications, aside from its blatantly provocative communal agenda that seeks to create religious tension in society :
1. The economic impact of cow slaughter falls directly and only on Hindus below or around poverty line:
Almost all of the cow-slaughter in West Bengal and Bangladesh is inflicted on stolen cows from West Bengal. These cows form the livelihood of poor rural Hindus and are often quite economically productive.
2. Psychological impact on society:
Cow slaughter is NOT a original Muslim religious practice. In fact, the Arabian Peninsula hardly has any cows. So, slaughtering cows is NOT a religious obligation in Islam. The only reason Muslims slaughter cows in the Indian subcontinent, is because it creates psychological domination over the Hindus. Islam is a hunter-grabber ideology and cow-slaughter has a important social message. It essentially tells a Hindu villager that he is powerless to protect anyone, whether the cow or his mother or sister.So, in its landmark judgement (dated 2 Nov 2011 and 13 Oct 2011), the Honorable Calcutta High Court banned cow slaughter during Eid.The Calcutta High Court’s division bench of Chief Justice JN Patel and Justice Asim Ray termed the practice of killing cows and their progeny for religious purposes as unlawful. This judgment came after Mr. Enamul Haque, Mr.Abhijit Das and others had filed a Public Interest Litigation, (vide Case No. AST-725 of 2010) in the High Court on 11 October 2010 – with Advocates M.M.Qureshi and Joydip Roy representing the petitioners.
We request the Honorable Government of West Bengal to investigate this issue thoroughly and take stringent action against such errant public servants, who break the very law they are supposed to enforce.We also urge the West Bengal Administration to stop the official repression of the state’s ancient and vibrant Durga Puja by revoking the ban on the Divine Mother’s immersion on October 26 and 27, 2012.We would like to respectfully remind the administration that banning the centuries’ old indigenous Bengali tradition of Durga Puja immersion (in order to appease a violent, alien, Arabic creed of Bakr Id) is tantamount to turning Bengal (or what is left of it) into another East Pakistan.The apathy and indifference of the officials makes us wonder if West Bengal is a part of India (where Indian law is upheld) or a part of East Pakistan (where Shariah is upheld).We sincerely hope that you will act immediately in upholding the judgements of the Hon. Supreme Court and Kolkata High Court and especially in the interests of keeping West Bengal within India, and not letting our motherland become another East Pakistan.

Why Mamata Banerjee distributed bicycles only to Muslim Girl students of West Bengal?


Now, Hindu Girl Students are discriminated by a heartless Mamata Banerjee.

She is an MA in Islamic History from Calcutta University. She has an Islamic legacy indeed. With the help of International Islamic lobby, she capably changed the regime of 34 years old Left  Front Govt.  in West Bengal. Sky is not the limit as Allah has forbidden the sky and moon for human beings. Her destination is Islamic Bengal in West Bengal. Her logic, if West Pakistan was turned an Islamic state, why not West Bengal?  Once Mamta Banerjee claimed in Parliament that beef eating as a fundamental right. She loves Hijab and Islamic style of ‘pardha’. She and her Party TMC (TrinMool Congress, read Total Muslim Congress) are devoutly sacrificing for Islamic Cause to make Ma -Maati- Manush (Mother-Land-People), synonymous to Muslim Ma- Maati – Manush. Yes, got the great name of Miss (?) Mamata Banerjee, now mostly known as Mamtaz Baunu Arzee.
Claiming that the Trinamool Congress government in 16 months has fulfilled all its pre-2011 Assembly election commitments to the minorities, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said in a Govt.  function in Netaji Indoor Stadium on Wednesday 10-10-12 that it is giving utmost importance to minority welfare. Mamata Banerjee handed over bicycles to 34 Muslim girls studying in Madarsah (Quran School) in and around the city. Bicycles were also gifted to 760 other girls from minority schools in various parts of the city. “This is also a form of woman empowerment,” said the chief minister. She also disbursed aid under various schemes of the Minority Affairs and Madrasah Education Department and West Bengal Minorities Development and Financial Corporation. God knows how the women empowerment can happen in such a blatant deprivation with the  Hindu women and girls. Notoriously Mamtata Banerjee is dividing the society and even the students in tender ages with a filthy discriminatory method and hurt the Hindu girl students as they are not getting the by-cycles from the Govt. as they are not in Muslim community.
“I have kept the Minority Affairs Department in my hands because it is important for our government and requires continuous monitoring,” she said while addressing a gathering. Miss. Banerjee’s remarks are significant in view of the upcoming rural polls where the minority vote will be crucial. The scenario is filled with the heavy minority appeasement.
“Before the Trinamool Congress came to power, four lakh students were given loans and scholarships. We have increased this to 17 lakhs in 2011-12 and in the coming year we will extend the benefit to 22 lakh students,” Miss. Banerjee said The budget of the Minority Affairs and Madrasa Education Department has been raised to Rs 1,000 crore, she said, pointing out that an additional budgetary allocation of Rs 350 crore has been made to the department.
She has also declared forthcoming establishments of  56 Muslim marketing hubs, where 56000 Muslims will get employments in coming days.
Mamata Banerjee  has already knocked the headlines by declaring Rs. 2500 pm as Imam Honorarium (now giving) and Rs. 1000 for Muazzins with other facilities, sanction of 10000 Madrashas in West Bengal, establishment of Aligarh Muslim University in WB, three Haj Towers in a row, huge loan and subsidy to the Muslim youths etc. etc.
Though Mamata Banerjee is habituated beating her own drum of success, most of the fund has come to West Bengal from Central Govt., through  the multi-sectoral development project (MSDP) for poor Muslim women, launched under the Prime Minister’s 15-point programme for minorities, which followed the Sachar report on so called Muslims’ plight.
As per the report available from Union minority affairs ministry , it is said that the state had received Rs 800 crore towards the scheme last year (20111-12) but will receive Rs 1,100 crore this year (2012-13).
She described her government’s decision to bring the minorities under the ambit of reservation by including them in the list of Other Backward Classes (OBC) as a major achievement. For fulfilling her desire Mamata Banerjee’s  Govt has also included Sheikh/Shaik (Sk.) Muslim community in the State OBC list and declared the matter publicly.
Of the 144 different categories who will benefit from the 17 per cent OBC reservation, 87 categories (59 in class A and 28 in class B) are Muslim minority, she said. See the calamity for Hindu OBC. only 57 Hindu communities are in OBC list and practically, they are the real minority in OBC people in West Bengal. What an Islamic charisma of Didi Mamtaz Banu Arzee.
“About 13-14 per cent reservation for OBCs the maximum will be for the Muslim minorities,” Miss Banerjee added.She claimed the other achievement of her government related to minority welfare was the declaration of second language status to Urdu in areas where the Urdu-speaking population is more than 10 per cent.Urging the people to maintain calm during the upcoming festivals, Miss. Banerjee warned those inciting communal tensions during the festivals. But, does not she know well that her Muslim brothers are the torch bearer of communal tensions in West Bengal ? Knowing fully well, she is telling a thing and doing another.

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