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West Bengal in the Peril of Islamic Jihad: Islamization and Jihadi Violence


India in the process of Islamization
 Not only the state of West Bengal but also the entire India is fast turning into a Muslim majority country and the state of West Bengal and Assam are going to be sacrificed first at the altar of the new Muslim homeland of Mughalstan. In Assam, Muslims constituted only 20% in 1947, which has shot up to 40%, thanks to high Muslim birthrate, and illegal infiltration and settlement of Muslims from Bangladesh.
West Uttar Pradesh was almost equally balanced between Hindus and Muslims in 1947, but now has become a largely Muslim-majority area. Likewise in Kerala, Hindus were 70% in 1947, but about 50% now. Furthermore, North Kerala has become totally Muslim populated, while the Central Kerala a wholly Christian dominated.
As for Indian Kashmir, even in 1981, non-Muslims were 36%, but only 28% now due to increase in Muslim population.
If this trend continues, which is all but inevitable, India may soon become an Islamic nation in the not-too-distant future. Figure 1 shows the decline of Hindus and other non-Muslims versus the rise of Muslims. It also shows that the total Muslim population zoomed from 12.5% in 1991 to 30.3% in 2001, in just 10 years. An extension of the curves shows that Muslims would overpopulate or become the majority in India in 50 years (2061) (To read more, see V. Sundaram’s article in “News Today”: Deathly Demographic warnings for India).
(Source: Religious Demography of India by AP Joshi, MD Srinivas & JK Bajaj, Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), Chennai)India religious demography
Figure 2: In every decade, the Muslims have surpassed the Hindu rate of growth in population

India: hindu & muslim growth rates
(Source: Religious Demography of India by A P Joshi, M D Srinivas and J K Bajaj of Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), Chennai)
Figure 3: Regions of India where Muslim
population is growing fast

Indian region with high muslim growth rates
Islamization of West Bengal
It has been mentioned in the first part of this article that the Muslim population in West Bengal is increasing very fast due to:
(1) Planned and deliberate rejection of family planning measure by the Muslims,
(2) Uncontrolled illegal infiltration of Bangladeshi Muslims through the porous Indo-Bangladesh border, and,
(3) Conversion of local Hindus to Islam.
Table 1 shows the block-wise Muslim population in West Bengal. It shows that out of 341 blocks, 142 are fast turning into Muslim-majority blocks, while Muslims constitute over 40% of the population in 83 other blocks. In other words, these blocks have turned or are turning into mini-Pakistans.
It has been pointed out in the previous article that Mughalstan, a proposed new homeland for Muslims of India, is the brainchild of the Mughalstan Research Institute (MRI) of the Jahangir Nagar University (Bangladesh) under the patronage of two intelligence agencies: Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Bangladesh’s Director General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI). The MRI is monitoring the creation of Mughalstan, the corridor connecting Pakistan and Bangladesh through Northern India. It is also monitoring and making a list of such mini-Pakistans not only in West Bengal but also in entire India.
Table 1: Muslim Population in West Bengal, Block-wise
Total number of Blocks
Muslim population over 25 per cent
Muslim population over 40 per cent
Muslim population over 50 per cent
North Dinajpur
South Dinajpur
North 24 Parganas
South 24 Parganas
(Source: Census Report 2001, Govt. of India)
Minorities in Bangladesh
While the Muslim population in West Bengal is increasing steadily, the percentage of Hindu population in Bangladesh is continuously declining due to religious persecution and ethnic cleansing. In 1947, Hindus were 35% of the population of erstwhile East Pakistan, now Bangladesh; it has now come down to mere 9%. On the other hand, Muslims, 9% of the population of West Bengal in 1947, have grown up to 35%, thanks to high birthrate and illegal infiltration from Bangladesh.
It should also be mentioned here that during the partition in 1947, Hindus were 45% of the total population of undivided Bengal, but West Bengal, which was supposed to host the Hindus, was given only 30% of the land area. And Hindus today constitute only 28% of the population of the ‘Entire Bengal Region’ comprising West Bengal and Bangladesh. Table 2 below shows the declining population of minorities and Table 3 shows their employment pattern in the government departments of Bangladesh.
Table 2: Minority population in Bangladesh
Total population of Minorities
Percentage of Total population
(Source- Article copyright Cultural Survival, Inc).
Table 3: Employment pattern of minorities
(Source- Article copyright Cultural Survival, Inc).
Administration (officers)
5.0 %
Administration (lower rank)
3.5 %
Administration (secretaries)
0.0 %
Customs and excise
0.0 %
Income-tax officials
1.5 %
Military officers
1.5 %
Military soldiers
0.0 %
Border security
0.0 %
Police, officers
6.0 %
Police rank and file
2.5 %
Major bank managers
0.0 %
Embassy & Consulate staff
0.0 %
Foreign assignments
0.0 %
Home Ministry
0.0 %
0.0 %
Ministry of Defense
0.0 %
Industry managers
1.0 %
Industry laborers
3.4 %
Recent bank loans
1.0 %
Islamic Jihad in Muslim-dominated pockets of West Bengal
It is now become well-established that as soon as the Muslims gain majority in a locality, even in Hindu-majority India, the rights and freedom of non-Muslims of the area become severely curtailed.
We may cite the example Kashmir in this regard. In India, it’s the only state where Muslims are the majority and let us see what happened there. Hundreds of temples were razed, Hindus were forced to flee, their women were raped, children were killed and houses forcibly occupied. The entire Kashmiri Hindu population, known as Kashmiri Pandits, have been driven out, killed or converted between 1990 and 2000 in a silent Hindu genocide. Nearly 300,000 Kashmiri pundits are now living in makeshift camps in Delhi as refugees.
It is needless to say that the Hindus in Bangladesh are victims of severe religious persecutions by Muslims. It is a matter of serious concern that exactly similar types of oppression and torture are now common affairs in the Muslim-dominated districts of West Bengal lying along the entire stretch of Bangladeshi border, where robbery, abduction and raping of women, murdering and beating Hindus mercilessly, stealing their cattle, catching fish from ponds of the Hindus and looting their grains and other valuables have become a regular feature. While Muslims, as a part of their jihad against the Hindus, commit all these crimes, police and other administrative and law enforcement authorities remain silent spectators. In most of the cases, police arrests the oppressed Hindus and set the Muslim perpetrators free.
In the Muslim populated villages of West Bengal, where the condition of Hindus are not very much different and in some areas even worse than in Islamic Bangladesh, looting of Hindu houses, cattle lifting, desecrating and profaning Hindu idols, molesting Hindu women is being openly carried out with the moral support of Islamic radicals, as well as tacit support of both the leftist and rightist political leaders, who, for the sake of vote-politics, appease Muslims. These political leaders do not find any wrong with Muslims. In the case of a conflict, the police, being instructed by politicians, arrest the oppressed Hindus, while Muslim offenders are left alone.
Presently, the ruling Left Front Government in West Bengal is replacing Hindu officers in police stations of Muslim dominated areas with Muslim ones, which will only further the Hindu sufferance at the hand of Muslims.
As a matter of fact, the process of ethnic-cleansing of Hindus is under way in the Muslim-majority localities, where Muslims are adopting exactly the same tactics, the Prophet had adopted in Medina, to drive out its Jews. Merciful Allah has commanded in the Koran to strike terror into heart of the infidels, and following that command, the Prophet resorted to violence and bloodshed, and struck terror into the hearts of the Jews and other non-Muslims Medina and greater Arabia, thus, evicting them, and grabbing their properties, land-holdings, and women and children as spoils or mal-e-ganimat. The ghastly massacre of the Beni Koraiza Jews by Muhammad was simply to strike terror into heart of the Jews and other non-Muslims of Arabia.
Following the prophetic example or Sunnah, Muslims of Muslim-dominated pockets of West Bengal are also using the same tactics to strike terror in the hearts of Hindus by repeated robberies and looting properties of Hindu households, setting their homes ablaze, kidnapping Hindu girls to rape them or convert them to Islam, throwing acid and pushing hot boiled egg or hot iron rod into their private parts, creating obstructions to their religious rites, demolishing temples, desecrating or breaking Hindu idols, and so on and so forth, with the ultimate aim of driving them out of the locality and grab their properties and other valuables, and to occupy their landholdings. A few incidents may be presented to narrate the miserable condition of Hindus.
20 Hindu Families forced to flee their Homes
Hoglaberia is a small village in the district of Nadia, West Bengal, situated at the border of Murshidabad, and also near to Bangladesh border. Murshidabad is a Muslim-majority district from days of the Muslim Nawabs and the border areas of Nadia have also become infested with Muslims due to uncontrolled illegal migration or demographic aggression by Bangladeshi Muslims. The Muslim majority, and the despicable policy of Muslim appeasement of the Left Front Government of the state, has turned these regions, spread over all the districts bordering Bangladesh, into fertile grounds of Islamic jihad.
For the past a few years, most of the Hindu households of Hoglaberia, subjected to constant torture and atrocities by Muslims, have been forced to leave and taken shelter in Hindu-dominated areas far away from the Bangladeshi border. But nearly 22 families of the Durlabhpara and Baganpara areas of Hoglaberia had to stay due to lack resources. These people claimed that, for past 4 years, they are being targets of severe jihadi activities. Local Muslims and Muslims from the neighbouring district of Murshidabad have unleashed constant terror, torture and atrocities on them. Robbery, rape and abduction of their women in the darkness of night have become a daily affair. These unfortunate people also said that they have never obtained any respite by making complaints to the police and local administrative authorities. Complaints to the local Panchayet have also fallen on deaf ears.
But from the second week of July, 2007, the terror unleashed by the jihadis crossed all previous records. Durga Paharia, the head of the Hoglaberia village, standing on the bank of river Jalangi, says: “There are about 120 Hindus living in the village, and most of them earn their living as agricultural labourers. When men go out of the village in search of work, women remain to guard the households. At such hours of the day, Muslims, mainly from the district of Murshidabad, come to Hoglaberia by crossing the river Jalangi and unleash atrocities on the women that continue for hours. Sometimes Muslim settlers from Bangladesh accompany the local Muslims in such operations”. He also says that, being unable to sustain such attacks any longer, they had to flee the village.
Dhiren Paharia, another elder of the village says: “Situation turned so bad that grown-up girls were no longer safe. We had no other option but to withdraw them from schools and lodge them to their relatives elsewhere for safety, or marry them off early. In such a situation, nearly four days ago we have left our village…”
Such are the stories of Hindus living in the Muslim-dominated areas in West Bengal, spread over the entire stretch of Bangladeshi border. They find no help from the police; in most cases, law-enforcement agencies let the Muslim oppressor a free hand, while arresting and harassing the oppressed Hindus. Following story would clarify it all:
A 14-year-old Hindu boy burnt alive
(From Dainik Statesman, a Bengali daily from Kolkata; A Distressed Hindu Family Seeks Justice; 23 June, 2007)
Samrat mandal burned alive in West Bengal, IndiaDainik Statesman, a Bengali daily from Kolkata, reported on 23 June 2007 that two notorious Muslim dacoits, Jamshed Ali Gain and his brother Gousher Ali Gain of the village Bantala, under the police station of Basanti in South 24-Parganas district, and their gang  are terrorizing the area, but neither police nor the local MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) and Village Council dare to take any action against these Muslim ruffians as the Left Front Government of the state, as a part of its policy of Muslim appeasement to stay in power, has instructed the police not to take any action against Muslim miscreants.
The situation has deteriorated to such an extent that life and property of the Hindus are longer secure in Muslim-dominant areas in the state, and perhaps in entire Hindustan today, due the policy of Muslim appeasement adopted by the Government. The Bantala area is now mostly populated by Muslims, having only 26 Hindu households left.
Surath Mandal (54), son of late Meghnad Mandal, was a resident of Bangal Para, in the village of Kharimachan of Basanti Police Station. As his family was well off, the above-mentioned dacoits made him a target. On one night in January, 2007, the dacoits Jamshed Ali Gain and his brother Gousher Ali Gain, along with their gang, fell upon Surath’s house and committed a violent robbery and plunder. Surath Mandal wanted to report the incident to police, but Samsuddin Molla, an influential member of the Amdhara Panchayet Samiti, prevented him from doing so on the plea that both Janshed Gain and Gousher Gain were the members of the Panchayet and the matter would be settled by the Samiti itself. It should be mentioned here that Krishnapada Sardar, the President of the Amdhara Panchayet Samiti was sympathetic to Surath Mandal. But he could not do anything as the majority of the members of the Samiti were Muslims and he had to oblige the most influential member Samsuddin Molla, supported by the Muslims.
Horrible as it may, due to Surath’s offence of intending to report the crime to police, dacoit gang of Jamshed and Gousher committed dacoity in the house of Surath Mandal repeatedly, six times in five months between January and May, 2007, plundering all their valuables and cash. When Surath approached the local Panchayet Samiti, the Panchayet, dictated by Samsuddin Molla, who was in collusion with the criminals, advised Surath to leave Bantala and settle somewhere else. One sub-inspector, Mr. Ghosh, sympathetic to Surath and his family, helped Surath lodge an official report with the Basanti Police Station on May 4, 2007.
On the same day, to retaliate Surath’s filing the case with police, the Jamshed-Gausher gang caught hold of Surath’s 14-year-old son Samrat Mandal while returning from school, dragged him to a dark place, beat him mercilessly. They then pushed him into a ditch, poured a can of Kerosene on his head and set him on fire. The boy cried for help, nobody came to his help, given it’s a Muslim area. A cousin of Samrat, incidentally passing by the place, could identify the loud cry of Samrat and rushed to the spot with a few other Hindus. Samrat, trying to escape the ordeal and save his life, jumped into a nearby pond, though suffered more than 60% burns. Samrat Mandal was rushed to Canning Hospital and was admitted to the Calcutta Medical College Hospital, and, finally, to a private nursing home for nearly a month.
Meanwhile, the sub-inspector Mr. Ghosh, sympathetic to Surath Mandal’s cause, was readily transferred, replaced by a Muslim officer.
After this incident, Surath Mandal sought protection and safety from higher administrative and police authorities, but in vain. He also got no help from the local political leaders. Failing to get assurance of security of life, honour and property, he had to move his family to the place of his son-in-law in Vivekananda Nagar, Madhyamgram, under Barasat Police Station, in North 24 Parganas district.
Kanak Bala Mandal, wife of Surath Mandal, after much persuasion, succeeded in making Basanti police authorities to start a police case (Case No. 4507, under section 34/326/307 of IPC) on 7 May 2007.
Samrat, who has lost faith on law enforcing authorities of the state and institution of justice, resignedly said: “I have seen Jamshed and his brother to commit robbery in our house in my own eyes. It was the same Jamshed, who poured kerosene on my head and set me on fire. I said all these things to the police, but they did nothing. I do not know whether I shall be cured again and this might be the end of my educational career.”
Surath Mandal told reporters: “I have sold my property at Basanti and have spent the entire money amounting to Rs. 4 lakh to my son’s treatment. I have registered complaint against Jamshed and Gouser with the Superintendent of Police, South 24 Parganas, the local MLA and the local Panchayet Samiti. But no action has, so far, been taken; no arrests have been made. On the contrary, the culprits are still continuing their reign of terror in the locality. The life and property of the Hindus are not protected today. And, perhaps, I shall never be able to go to Bantala again and settle there.”
Watch video on Samrat Mandal's interview: com/watch? v=bUz72IAD8J0
When India, violently insisted by Muslims, was partitioned in 1947 on religious grounds and Muslims got West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), they had a vulture’s eye on the entire north-east India. They were not satisfied with the two Pakistans. They wanted the whole of the north-east region (undivided Assam) integrated with East Pakistan.
Manul Haq Chowdhury, Jinnah’s private secretary, who remained in Assam and later became a minister in Assam assembly, wrote to Jinnah in 1947: “Quaid-e-Azam, wait for the next thirty years, I shall present Assam to Pakistan on a platter.” Since then, a sinister game-plan to ‘grow more Muslims in the north-east’ has been going on surreptitiously.
Today, six out of the total 24 districts of Assam, namely Nagaon, Goalpara, Dhubri, Karimganj, Barpeta and Hailakanndi, have 60% Muslim population while six more, namely Bongaigaon, Kokrajhar, Kamrup, Nalbari, Darang and Cachar, have above 40% Muslims. Out of the 126 assembly seats, the election of 54 MLAs depends heavily on Muslim votes. There are 28 Muslim MLAs and four ministers in Assam.
Hindus lost 26 lakh acres of land in Bangladesh from 1965 to 2006 says study
Extract from a memorandum, submitted by Rabindra Ghosh, President of the Human Rights Commission for Bangladesh Minorities (HRCBM), on Atrocities against Minorities of Bangladesh and Investigative Reports 2008, to Shivraj Patil, Home Minister of India, on June 26, 2008.
Members of the Hindu community have lost 26 million acres of land between 1965 and 2006, while an estimated 10 million Hindus were forced to leave the country from 1964 to 2001 due to communal conflicts perpetrated by Muslims, and deprivation caused by the Enemy (Vested) Property Act, according to a study.
The study, led by Prof. Abul Barakat, was published in the form of a book, titled Deprivation of Hindu Minority in Bangladesh: Living with Vested Property's Act.
It said the government has identified only seven lakh acres of vested land of which two lakh acres have been leased out and five lakh acres remain under the control of the grabbers.

Below are list further incidence involving Muslims in West Bengal that would give readers how the future of West Bengal, and India for that matter, is being shaped up:

Muslim violence against Hindus in Hasnabad, North 24 Parganas
In October 2009, some Muslim youths from nearby Sankhchura village came to Taki town in Basirhat subdivision of North 24 Parganas to attend Kali Puja, a Hindu festival. There they misbehaved, which led to scuffle, and those miscreants were driven away.
In retaliation, a gang of 30-35 Muslim youths from Sankhchura village came to Taki town on 25.10.09, and beat up 2-3 Hindu boys and fled.
In protest, 26 clubs of Taki town joined hands with 3 to 4 thousand Hindu protesters surrounder the Taki Police Station for pressing them take strong action.
Sankhchura village is a notorious for Muslim criminality and a constant headache for the administration and local Hindus. Moreover, a number of Jihadis and ISI agents were caught by police from this village.

Protests outside Statesman House
Statesman News Service

KOLKATA, Feb. 7: The traffic gridlock for over four hours from 4.30 p.m. on CR Avenue and adjoining areas of the city due to protests by Muslim organisations against an article published in The Statesman eased in the evening today after the protestors withdrew their traffic blockade in front of Statesman House. Protestors demonstrated in front of Statesman House for the second successive day today and for nearly six hours until well into the evening.
In the afternoon, the protestors blocked traffic on Lenin Sarani, Dorina Crossing and SN Banerjee Road but traffic flow returned to normal by 8.30 p.m. following a meeting between senior police officers and representatives of the agitators.
The protestors began raising slogans and put up posters at the entrance of Statesman House this afternoon demanding the "arrest of the author of the article". They were referring to an opinion piece by veteran journalist Johann Hari of The Independent, London, published on The Statesman's Perspective page on 5 February under the headline: "Why should I respect these oppressive religions?" Kolkata Police acted with urgency and deployed a huge police contingent in front of Statesman House and the Esplanade area to thwart any untoward incident.
Through the evening, various roads in north and south Kolkata became clogged due to the spillover effect of the traffic chaos at Esplanade as police had to divert traffic. Many commuters complained of being severely inconvenienced due to the disruption of traffic. Police officers spoke to representatives of the agitators repeatedly in order to pacify them but the latter were reluctant to withdraw their road blockades. Commuters were left stranded owing to the diversion of buses and many were caught in traffic snarls.
Later in the day, Janab SM Noorur Rehman Barkati, Shahi Imam, West Bengal, wrote to the Commissioner of Kolkata Police Mr Gautam Mohan Chakrabarti. His letter said: "The All India Majlis E Shoora and the Muslim community is very hurt, disappointed and dejected with the vulgar and objectionable article, with references to Islam and Prophet Mohammed published in The Statesman… we express our deepest anguish and resentment at such vulgar and cheap journalism. We request/appeal for strong and strict action against the people/journalist behind the article, as it tend(s) to disturb secular fabric of our state which has always been an epitome of communal brotherhood & unity."
The Statesman wrote to the Commissioner of Police thanking him for sending the newspaper a copy of the communication addressed to him by the Shahi Imam and said: "We note with anguish the sentiments expressed therein. While upholding the right of media to provide space for a plurality of opinion, we seek to emphasize it is not and has never been the intention of The Statesman to defame any individual or institution or cause hurt to any community. If any action of ours has unintentionally caused hurt to any section of society or group of people we wish to assure you that was not our intention and we have no hesitation in expressing our regret for any unintended hurt. We will report the day's developments in our editions tomorrow and assure all communities of The Statesman's abiding faith in the Constitution of India and the secular fabric of our country."

Why should I respect these oppressive religions?

Johann Hari
The right to criticise religion is being slowly doused in acid. Across the world, the small, incremental gains made by secularism ~ giving us the space to doubt and question and make up our own minds ~ are being beaten back by belligerent demands that we “respect” religion. A historic marker has just been passed, showing how far we have been shoved. The UN rapporteur who is supposed to be the global guardian of free speech has had his job rewritten: to put him on the side of the religious censors.
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights stated 60 years ago that “a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief is the highest aspiration of the common people”. It was a Magna Carta for mankind and loathed by every human rights abuser on earth. Today, the Chinese dictatorship calls it “Western”, Robert Mugabe calls it “colonialist”, and Dick Cheney calls it “outdated”. The countries of the world have chronically failed to meet it, but the document has been held up by the United Nations as the ultimate standard against which to check ourselves. Until now.

Communal clashes in Maldah village: Gang rape of Hindu housewife
Communal Violence erupted in Kanainagar village under Rajnagar panshayat under P.S Kaliachak, Maldah district of West Bengal on last 22nd February. The incident was initiated by mere village sports during the Saraswati Puja festival, when Muslims goons started beating Hindu villagers. Some skirmish occurred. Some of the Hindu villagers left the village in fear. Recently a Hindu housewife with his husband tried to rehabilitate the fled villagers in the village. On 22nd February a group of Muslim goons attacked the Hindus of the village, although the Hindus apprehended the trouble and intimated the thana (Police Station) accordingly. Neither the administration nor the Muslim villagers took any deterrent step to prevent the riot. Muslim goons torched sixteen Hindu houses and gang raped the very Hindu housewife who tried to rehabilitate the fled villagers.  The housewife reported against thee goons who raped her. No arrest has been made till now. Reported by Rudra Pratap Chattopadhyaya.

33 year old Kali Temple Attacked and Burnt; Kali murthi stripped and vagina blackened;
(Posted by Hindu Samhati's International Communications Team.)

At the late hours of 16th December, 2009 some unknown miscreants (suspected to be Islamic activists) entered the 33 year old Kali temple of Kankra village of Kachua Panchayet, under Basirhat Police Station in North 24 Parganas district, stripped the murthi, or icon of Mother Kali naked and burnt the temple. Before leaving the temple, the miscreants even tied the throat of the stone made murthi of the Goddess with a thick rope. The vagina of the idol was blackened. Keeping in view to the nature of the crime and mixed population of the area, one can easily understand that no Hindu can do such a heinous and sacrilegious deed. The finger of suspicion is definitely pointed to the Muslim community.
The village of Kachua is a popular pilgrimage place because of the famous temple of renowned saint Sri Loknath Brahamachari. Hundreds of thousands of devotees visit this this Temple throughout the year. In this area where the Hindus have become a minority, perhaps the next target is this Loknath Temple.
Hindus became extremely aggrieved for this desecration of their temple and murthi. All Hindus of the village cutting across party lines jointly put a roadblock and demonstrated at Basirhat Police Station. At the time of demonstration, local Communit Party of India (CPI) MLA Narayan Mukherjee tried to divert the issue saying that the desecration of the murthi(icon) and temple must have been a deed of a mentally misbalanced person. But the Hindus rejected the idea. Police assured the Hindus that they will book the culprit. But till now no culprit has been arrested.
A few days before, the ornaments of the Kali murthi(icon) and other valuables of the temple were robbed similarly. People lodged complaints to the police station. That case too unresolved.
Basirhat sub-division in West Bengal is border area with Bangladesh. It has become open ground for Jehadi(Islamist) terrorists. The whole area of Basirhat Police Station became Muslim-majority due to unabated illegal Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh. The illegal activities and atrocities upon Hindus have increased simultaneously. The scale of torture upon Hindus has sharply increased in recent times. The desecration of the sacred Kali temple is the latest example. The aggrieved Hindus demonstrated in front of the local police station and blocked the roads. Communal tension rose in the area and RAF (special police force) was deployed to control the situation.
Original Kali Murthi (Icon)

Muslim beats Hindu couple for Rs. 20

8th Aug 2007, Wednesday
Village/Locality: Krishna Colony, North Taldi
Police Station: Canning
Sub-division: Canning
District: 24 Pargana(S)
Source: Anandabazar Patrika [9th Aug 2007, Thursday] Online Edition

About a month back, one Shri Biltu Mondal, a rang mistri by profession, a resident of Krishna Colony, Taldi had borrowed Rs. 20 from his neighbour Meena Mollah. On Wednesay afternoon, when Biltu was away from his home, Meena went to Biltu's house. He was drunk and Biltu's wife Shrimati Ratna Mondal was alone at home. She was pregnant. Meena demanded the money back from Ratna Devi. Ratna Devi had no knowledge of any such borrowing. So she asked Meena to wait until her husband returned. Meena started an altercation on this. After a short while, when Biltu returned, Meena attacked him with a lathi and beat him black and blue. Meena Mollah's two brothers Atiyar Mollah and Mannan Mollah too joined him. When Ratna Devi tried to save her husband they didn't spare her even. She was badly beaten. Biltu is fighing for his life in the Canning Sub-divisional hospital.

Meanwhile the neighbours caught hold of Meena and started to beat him while his brothers escaped. The police came to the rescue of Meena and took him to custody.

Bus loot and molest in Dhantola rerun

Author: A Staff Reporter
Publication: The Telegraph
Date: August 11, 2003
Passengers of a mini bus on Diamond Harbour Road were looted and the women among them allegedly molested at Mograhat in South 24-Parganas.
The daring dacoity was carried out in daylight, around 10 in the morning. The looting continued for more than half-an-hour. But passengers said vehicles that went past their bus during the incident did not bother to stop. Some of them even saw a mobile police van go by. The cries of help, defying the scare of guns, did not reach it perhaps.
No arrests were reported till late this evening.
Police sources said a gang of 10 dacoits armed with revolvers and daggers targeted the bus, which was on its way from Amtala to Hotor in the district.
The dacoits decamped with cash and jewellery worth more than Rs 1 lakh, the police said. Passengers said the men were threatened and beaten up when they tried to resist and the women molested.
The bus was speeding past a deserted stretch of the road near Jhinkirhat when the driver had to slam the brakes on noticing a log blocking the way ahead of a sharp bend. As the bus screeched to a halt, armed youths crept out of roadside shrubs and moved in.
On the night of February 6, a gang of about 20 men had looted two buses returning from wedding receptions at Dhantola in Nadia. The men were forced onto the roofs at gun point and the women looted and tormented. Four minor girls were among the six women allegedly raped that night.
The driver of one of the buses was shot dead when he allegedly recognised one of the dacoits. A zonal CPM leader and a panchayat member of the party were arrested in connection with the incident.
Today, the dacoits had their faces covered with handkerchiefs. But the passengers said they seemed to be in their early 20s. "We could not recognise them as they were masked," said Kalidas Mondal. The dacoits were "heavily armed", added the passenger, still reeling with the shock.
"We were dumfounded and too terrorised to react. They started abusing us and beat up several passengers," said Tapan Polley, the driver.
The police, the passengers said, arrived long after the gang had left.
Subdivisional police officer of Diamond Harbour Mehmood Akhtar said: "As soon as I heard about the dacoity, I asked the force to rush to the spot."
Members of the gang of Salim, a notorious anti-social of the area who is now behind the bars, could be involved in the incident, the police said.
"The mode of operation suggests that Salim's right-hand man, Kalo Masood, had led the gang. We are probing into the links," said a senior police officer.
After the news spread, Diamond Harbour Road was blocked for more than an hour. Traffic on the busy road in the peak hour was thrown out of gear.

Complete ban on music in West Bengal village

In the past nine months, no music has been played in the West Bengal village Kanupur. A religious leader in Murshidabad has banned listening to music at home, and playing music in public is also forbidden, reports Calcutta Telegraph and the Indian tv channel Times Now.
“Music is prohibited in this village,’’ reads a sign, written in bold on walls on both sides of the approach road to Kanupur village in Raghunathgunj. The “fatwa” against music bears the stamp of the local club and the Mazaar and Madarsa Committee.
A religious leader from Uttar Pradesh first imposed the ban in May 2006. The head maulana of the village Madarsa, Mohammad Safiullah, stated to Calcutta Telegraph: “Shariyat does not permit Muslims to enjoy music.”

"We have circulated a diktat through an open manifesto. It is to check sound pollution,” said Rutful Haq, a resident of Kanupur, to Times Now.

The diktat imposes a complete ban on music, and also prohibits concerts or dancing in public. In addition, bans have also been imposed on processions for wedding ceremonies. Violation of any of these bans results in a Rs 1,000-fine. A shop-ovner, Lutful Sheikhm has been fined this amount for playing a CD in his shop.

“What's shocking is that the administration claims they are not aware of such a ban, but refused to say it on camera,” writes Times Now on their home page. The inspector in charge of the Raghunathgunj police station, Subhendu Banerjee, was, he said, “not aware of any such fatwa”.

Kanupur is a village with a population of six thousand people.

Kolkata Imam puts unlimited reward on Taslima’s head
Imam puts 'unlimited reward' on Taslima's head August 17, 2007 19:10 IST
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Charging her with defaming Islam and the Prophet, an Imam in Kolkata on Friday declared "unlimited reward" on the head of Taslima Nasreen, the controversial Bangladeshi writer. Taslima was attacked in Hyderabad last week. Speaking at a rally after the Friday prayers, Syed Mohammed Noorur Rahman Barkati, imam of the Tipu Sultan Shahi Masjid, also demanded that the writer be deported from the country in a month. "If our demand is not met, there will be an unlimited cash reward for whosoever kills her. The United Progressive Alliance government at the Centre and the Left Front government in the state will be responsible for the consequences," he told the gathering at Esplanade, in Kolkata.

'If you harbour Taslima and Rushdie in India, then drive away all the Muslims from this country,' a banner at the rally said.  Alleging that Taslima had exposed Indian Muslims to ridicule and contempt, the imam threatened to organise a road block in front of the writer's residence in Kolkata after the month of Ramzan. Majidulla Khan, political spokesman of the Mazlis Bachao Committee, Hyderabad, also spoke. Taslima was attacked by Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen members in Hyderabad during a book launch on  August 9.

Hindu Mother and Two Daughters Gang-raped by Muslims in West Bengal
(Based on report by Times of India, Kolkata edition, July 17, 2007).
Diamond Harbour: Two Muslim rowdies with alleged CPI (M) links raped a woman and her two daughters in Diamond Harbour ( a place hardly 30 km from Kolkata) on Sunday (July 15, 2007).  The incident took place just half an hour passed midnight. The 45 year-old Anjali (name changed) was alone at home with her three daughter, while her husband, a night watchman, was gone out on duty. At such an hour of time the two Muslim culprits (1) Shajahan Seikh and (2) Motiar Molla knocked on the door. When Anjali refused to open the door, the Muslim criminals forced open the door an pounched on the eldest daughter, Kajal (name changed) aged 25. Shajahan forcefully lifted her and took her to a deserted house and raped her there. While Anjali started fighting to save her, Motiar kicked her in the stomach and beat her up severely with slaps and blows. When she fell on the ground, Motiar raped the helpless Anjali.
When Anjali finally staggered home with Kajal, she was shocked to find her second daughter missing. They soon found out that she, too, had been raped. Then they raised alarm and the neighbours took them to the Sarisha Haat hospital. According to the local residents, Shajahan and Motiar followed them to the hospital, along with some local CPI (M) leaders and tried to influence the doctors and the medical staff to submit a false medical report.
The two leaders accompanied them to the hospital were (1) Nityananda Mandal and (2) Murselin Seikh. The former was the secretary of the Diamond Harbour-II Panchayat Samiti and the latter was the elder brother of culprit Shajahan Seikh. The local police authority took positive step leading to the arrest of culprits only when local residents put pressure to do so. Sri Pravin Kumar, the Diamond Harbour  SP, said, “ We have arrested the two criminals based on the allegation of the mother”. But the local party committee of CPI (M) denied any link of the criminals with the Party.
“They could be our voters. But they are not connected with our party. I won’t vouch for them. Let the court decide their fate”, said Sri Hrishi Haldar, the local CPI (M) MLA. Sri Aromoy Gayen, the local Trinamul Congress leader, however, alleged to have some connection of CPI (M) and the criminals. He also expressed his fear and said that some CPI (M) leaders were trying to bail out the culprits. But, whatever may be the utterances of these political leaders, it is an open secret that they are providing protection to these Muslim criminals for the sake of Muslim vote-bank.

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