Tuesday, 7 June 2016


Few days back we shared an article reflecting the racist attitude of the local student and meira paibi organisations against citizens of other states in Manipur, we were bombarded with messages clarifying that nothing was against law and it was been done to protect the non-locals from the unwanted effects of the agitations.
But after seeing this today we are 100% confirmed that they are indeed racists who only cry victim card when in other states while themselves discriminating against people of other communities,,
Just shouting that we are even,we are equal,we are secular,we are peace loving won't solve anything,you show your true colors whenever you get the chances.
Here is another article regarding another racist move by the local kangleipak student organization which is basically a valley based student organization against people from communities like marwari,bihari,Punjabi,Bengali etc,,just imagine just when they can do things like these when they are demanding ilp,what will they do once it is passed,,,we have been trying to tell everytime that this ilp is only a legal tool for the people demanding it to carry on their anti non local activities under a legal blanket but we were always messaged that no it wasn't this wasn't that but now the truth is out.
Non-Manipuris shops vandalised by KSA volunteers Imphal, .
June 6: Members of Kangleipak Students’ Union (KSA) today has vandalise shops run by Non-Manipuris at Kakhulong and Masjid Road at Paona Keithel, Imphal around 3 pm over government agency’s failure to check adulteration of food items. The KSA volunteers begins their violent agitation after 5 of its volunteers including its generalsecretary Bidyananda for seizing of adulterated salt from a shop at Keishampat.The student body is demanding unconditional release of theKSA volunteers arrested by the police.Many shops items including groceries, betel leaves and many were ransacked on the streets. Shops that did not follow the order of the KSA members were vandalised.Police which rushed the spot tried to round up the KSA volunteers but was unable to arrest them as they fled the area after vandalising the shops.KSA further threaten more intense form of agitation if the govt. authority failed to released the KSA volunteers unconditionallyat the earliest possible time....
Source : Imphal Times

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