Saturday, 5 March 2016


Today , Let me add the so-called great Culture of Communist, Congress and TMC and so and so shameless Bhadralok  and their " Goti- Lota " Concept on each other. When India was declared an Indepent Country in 1947 , then Riot Broke out in Bongo Desh Present Islamic Bangladesh, where brutally , rape and mass killings has started by the Peace Loving Hazrat Mohammed Disciples . Several Thousands bengali's flee to Hindustan to save their Ancient Hindu Religion. At that time neither Comrade Jyoti Basu nor does any Congress Leaders came forward and Oppose against Muslim League's Father Mohammed Ali Jinnah, their Total Silent was a indication of their Internal Support to Jinnah. Now all started to show their Bengali Bhatri -Prem and Anti-Hindu Agitation. The Pain which Bengalis faced in 1947,1964,1971 and till today facing in Islamic Bangladesh cannot be forget . Some of the Riots in Bangladesh was pain for those who faced it.

1 ) The Noakhali riots of 1946 ;
2)  The Barisal Riots of 1950 ;
3)  The East Pakistan Riots of 1964 ;
4)  The Karai Kadipur massacre of 26 April 1971 ;
5)  The Gopalpur Massacre of May 5, 1971 ;
6 ) The Chuknagar massacre of May 20, 1971 ;
 7) The Bangladesh genocide of 1971 .

     So much of Pain and agony Bengali's has faced which History cannot forget nor the Bengali Community.May be Today's  Bengali Community don't want to remember their past and became total blind or may be their blood has became total water.

   Remember your Past and Time has came to Pay it back in Return. And it can only be done when you people give your Valuable Vote to only Saffron Parties in India and which are those two parties , I don't think so to tell you.

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