Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Communist- An Anti Hindu Organization working for ISI

This is Great Bengal's Heritage or Great Bengal's Great Shameful Act. What to say I am bit Confused ? Because Communist have started crossing the Limit by abusing and insulting Hindu Sentiments by using the Hindu God & Goddess . These activities of Communist have proved that they are the real Products of Islam's Sex Pleasure. As because till now ,no one has seen any communist Abusing Muslim Fundamentalist nor they ever Oppose Pakistani ISI Terrors and Terrorist. This may be Hindustan's Greatest Fault of allowing People from Bangladesh since 1947 without Checking their originality and after coming to Hindustan they started doing all the Anti-Hindustan activity and Anti- Hindu Slogans.
By doing such kind of heinous act, What does Communist proved ?
One Comrade named Anirban Maity has posted Controversial remarks on Hindu God Shiva Linga with Condom in his Facebook Timeline ,which is against the Hindu Religious Communities Sentiment. Some Islamic Fundamentalist who are Communist Supporters in the disguise of Bengali Community name have already humiliated the whole of Bengali Community with their Anti-India Sentiment ?
Anirban Maity's Facebook ID: www.facebook.com/anirban.maity

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