Sunday, 20 April 2014

TMC MP Satabdi Roy's assets treble, surpass Rs 4 crore.

TMC MP Satabdi Roy's assets treble, surpass Rs 4 crore

The assets of Trinamool Congress parliamentarian and Bengali film actress Satabdi Roy - recontesting from the Birbhum Lok Sabha seat - have registered a sharp increase and nearly trebled to over a whopping Rs 4 crore.
According to her affidavit, the actress-turned-politician's assets are valued at Rs 4,25,47,727 from the Rs 1,31,23,000 she possessed during the 2009 polls.
In 2009, her moveable assets were valued at Rs 52,23,000, which included Rs 50,000 in cash and Rs 40,04,000 as bank deposits.
TMC MP Satabdi Roy's assets treble, surpass Rs 4 crore
The value of her moveable assets currently stand at Rs 1,30,47,727 which includes Rs 20,230 in cash while her bank deposits have swelled to Rs 54,13,100.
Her moveable assets also include 350 gram of gold jewellery approximately valued at Rs 10,15,000. In 2009, she possessed 260 gram of jewellery valued approximately at Rs 4,10,000.
Roy currently possesses three motor vehicles, including an SUV purchased in 2010. While she spent Rs 19,32,980 in buying them, their current market value stands at Rs 9,52,028.
The value of her immoveable assets comprising three residential flats stood at Rs 79,00,000 in 2009.
But currently, her immoveable assets which are all self-acquired, are valued at Rs 2,95,00,000, which includes a 6,000 square feet building which she acquired in 2012 for Rs 1,56,65,659.
Roy has incurred development cost of Rs 21,50,000 to the newly acquired asset in Kalikapur Road in the city and its current market value is Rs 2 crore.
While she paid income tax of Rs.2,02,321 in 2008-09, her total income shown in the IT return in 2012-13 is Rs 57,33,030.
Her liabilities in form of loans from bank and other financial institutions which stood at Rs 3,24,000 have now increased to Rs 54,66,209.
Interestingly, according to her affidavit in 2009, Roy's husband, Mrigank Banerjee, a marketing executive had just Rs 25,000 in moveable properties.
But as per the latest affidavit filed Thursday, he owns movable assets worth Rs 1,24,14,346.
While the 2009 affidavit shows Banerjee had just Rs 20,000 as bank deposits, currently the deposits have swelled to Rs 21,09,228 including a fixed deposit of Rs 13,47,169.
Roy, who attended the Jogamaya Devi College under Calcutta University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree, has never been accused of any offence.

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