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Uttpal Dutta - A Great Actor from Shillong

                                                         Utpal Dutta


Primarily a theatre personality, Utpal Dutta was prominent actor of Bengali and Indian cinema. Dutta was born on 29th March, 1929 in Shillong. His father's name is Girijaranjan Dutta. Initially went to St. Edmont School in Shillong for schooling, and completed Matriculation in 1945 from St. Xaviers Collegiate School. In 1949, he graduated with English Honours from St. Xaviers College.

In 1950, acted in the film 'Michael Madhusudan' in the role of Michael Madhusudan. He was connected to Shakespearean International Theatre Company, later became active member of Gananatya Sangha. He formed Little Theatre Group and staged many drama under this group in Minerva Theatre. He also formed Peoples Theatre Group, Arjo Opera and Bibek Yatra Samaj. He was well efficient in creating and directing Yatra Pala (kind of Bengali folk drama) too. Dutta is considered a specialist in Shakespeare. Not just English, he learned other languages like Hindi, Spanish, German, French and Latin. He continued to teach English in South Point High School for a long period of time.
Along with Benglai, Utpal Dutta acted in many Hindi films too. In 1948, he formed 'Brecht Society' which was presided by Satyajit Ray. Dutta wrote many dramas, Yatra script and articles. He received many awards including the Bharat Puroshkaar in 1969 for his work in the film 'Bhuban Som'. In 1960, he married actress Sobha Sen. Utpal Dutta died on 19th of August, 1993.
Utpal Dutta acting in Othelo

Utpal Dutta in the shooting of Aguntuk, a film of Satyajit Ray
Satyajit Ray's film 'Aguntuk'

Utpal Dutta in the film Bhuban Som
Film: Bhuban Som

Utpal Dutta in the film Chorus
Film: Chorus

Utpal Dutta in Darao Pathikbar
Dnarao Pathikbar

Utpal Dutta in Othelo

Utpal Dutta in Tiner Talwar
Tiner Talwar

Utpal Dutta in the film Saat Hindustani
Film: Saat Hindustani

Utpal Dutta in the film Saat Padma Nadir Maajhi
Film: Padma Nadir Maajhi

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